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2013 January 12 Saturday
Beijing Air Quality Highly Toxic

The US embassy in Beijing has an air quality monitoring device on its roof. The scale is supposed to stop at 500 with anything above 300 considered hazardous. The US embassy just reported 755. It has since gone higher than the NYTimes reported. From the Beijing US Embassy's air quality twitter feed here's a higher peak at 845:

01-12-2013 20:00; PM2.5; 886.0; 755; Beyond Index

Do not live in Beijing. If you find the career advantages of some time in Beijing to be too great to turn down get a really good air filtration system. The hard part is getting a system that can remove the smallest particulates. The smaller they are the harder they are to remove.

One wonders what Western corps do about their air filtration and whether their employees get air filtration systems at home.

What I'd like to know: how well can air filtration systems filter out smaller particulates? How much dangerous stuff can get thru a HEPA filter?

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