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2011 May 01 Sunday
Monotheism Versus Polytheism

What the question of monotheism versus polytheism really comes down to: Did a single software developer write the software for the universe simulation that we exist in? Or was it a team?

One can get into a semantic argument when trying to answer that question: If a single person put the universe together from some already existing simulation components then should we credit the developers of the components as also being our Creators?

Okay, it gets even weirder: Suppose the universe creator was just one developer in a company and he created it but did so to fulfill requirements created by his bosses. Is the Creator really a minor deity figure? What if the Creator isn't even the current maintainer? In a simulated universe the polytheism-monotheism question might yield a rather complex answer if we only had a way to access the answer.

By Randall Parker    2011 May 01 02:44 PM Entry Permalink | Comments (8)
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