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2011 February 13 Sunday
Rickie Lee Jones Live in Paris 1985 Last Chance Texaco

The video quality is only fair but the band is very good and she's in good form.

In London in 1980.

I saw her live once when she was going thru a rough patch, drinking what looked like whiskey between songs. Her talent was much better appreciated by musicians than by the general public even when she was releasing her early albums. Wikipedia has a detailed write-up of her career.

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2011 February 09 Wednesday
Adele - Right As Rain (Live acoustic)

You've probably heard the released version of this piece. But here she is singing it at 9 AM on a radio station and it provides a much better sense of her level of talent. Adele does not act like she has to try hard to sing a song almost as well as her released studio version.

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2011 January 16 Sunday
Wilhelm Kempff plays Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata mvt. 3

Time for another small diversion from politics. At Dan Morgan's suggestion watch Wilhelm Kempff dazzle on the keyboard.

He's no spring chicken. But what coordination.

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2011 January 06 Thursday
Luigi Boccherini's "Fandango"

A reminder you can find great music on Youtube:

Caption: "The Carmina Quartet (Matthias Enderle, violin 1, Susanne Frank, violin 2, Wendy Champney, viola & Stephan Goerner, violoncello) plays the fourth movement ("Fandango") from Boccherini's Guitar Quintet G. 448 in D Major. With Rolf Lislevand, guitar and Nina Corti, castanets."

You can go to that web page and click on other performances of the same piece.

I think we need the uplift of music as we ponder the economic, political, and societal problems of the day. Got any other suggestions for video music postings?

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