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2012 March 27 Tuesday
Iraqi Shiites Favor Syrian Dictatorship

Catching up on back reading and came across this funny article from a month ago in the New York Times: Shiites in Iraq (where they rule due to constituting a majority in Iraqi elections) are for a dictatorship in Syrian when that dictatorship keeps Sunnis out of power.

And here in Iraq, where Shiites are a majority, the events across the border have put the nation on edge while hardening a sectarian schism. As Abu Ali discovered, Iraq’s Shiites are now lined up on the side of a Baathist dictatorship in Syria, less than a decade after the American invasion of Iraq toppled the rule of Saddam Hussein and his own Baath Party, which for decades had repressed and brutalized the Shiites.

Similarly, Syria's Christians back Assad because they know a Sunni majority elected government in Syria will treat them far worse. We can see that in Democracy only works well when the divisions in a society aren't deep. Look at what's happening to the Christians in the Middle East. The purge of Christians from Iraq continues. The Coptic Christians of Egypt live in fear now that Hosni Mubarak's dictatorship is ended.

Christians in Sudan have been stripped of their citizenship.

In common with other Arab countries, Arab chauvinism in Sudan is combined with a domineering, supremacist version of Islam. The religious aspect was dramatically underlined at the beginning of March, when Sudan announced that it had stripped around 700,000 of its citizens of their nationality, the vast majority Christian. They have just over two weeks from today to leave Sudan. Those who depart for the south will walk straight into an unfolding humanitarian catastrophe. Those who remain in the north face the prospect of imprisonment or forced deportation.

The Western nations now care very little about Christians in the Middle East. Majority rule in the Middle East has little to restrain it. Democracy just unleashes a very illiberal majority. It is not clear why we in Western countries should feel we have a stake in spreading democracy in the Middle East.

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2011 February 04 Friday
If Egypt Goes Muslim Fundamentalist Democratic

I see an upside of Egypt gets elections and its populace votes in a theocracy: educational value. A Muslim government voted into power by the majority would educate some Westerners on how Muslim voters have values incompatible with Western values. I'm not saying the Panglossian supporters of open borders and multi-culturalism will come to their senses. But other segments of Western populations would learn something from watching the majority choose Muslim leaders who will repress women, mistreat the Coptic Christians even worse than they are mistreated currently, and show more hostility toward Israel.

It is not clear that the learning experience will be sufficiently instructive to those who most need to learn. But I'd prefer more learning experiences that take place outside of Western countries.

In a post Dennis Mangan wrote about Muslims in Europe commenter "Albert", who claims to be a US State Department employee in Europe, lays out the extent to which he sees the US Government as an enemy of the American people and points out the double standard granted for Muslim conduct as compared to non-Muslims conduct by the multicultural leftists who now dominate the permanent USG.

With regard to the post American Diversity Outreach, it is my sad duty to report to you that the USG is actively promoting this not only in France but throughout the European Union and elsewhere. The USG views the future and the meaning of the very word “democracy” to mean a democracy on the modern liberal capitalist globalist United States model, i.e. mass democracy with an extremely multi-ethnic population. To that end, historical nations are merely administrative bodies with particular historical backgrounds. A Turkish German is German. A Muslim Frenchman is French. Anyone who says otherwise is evil and will not be tolerated. Moves by any European government to treat their citizens differently based on ethnicity are viewed by USG as the same a denying Blacks in the U.S. civil rights and sends them into a shrieking frenzy. Any political party that opposes this is “monitored” by the U.S. and U.S. political and diplomatic capital is spent to discredit them.

In addition, the U.S. is fully committed to the proposition that the U.S. and Europe are Muslim as well as Christian and Jewish and Whatever entities. To that end, the U.S. has supported Albania and has created the new Muslim state of Kosovo. Kosovo and Albania are both led by criminals and murderers but in our ideological zeal this is not seen for what it is. It is seen, typically, as a need for MORE U.S. involvement, more “good governance” programs, more lectures to other Europeans that they’re not doing their part to integrate these countries into the European family.

A quick example suffices to make my point. As is now well-known, USG has come down squarely on the side of the protesters in Egypt, calling for Mubarak to step down. In doing so, we have trumpeted the right of the Egyptian people to freedom of speech and assembly and their right to petition to government as to their greivances.

However, in Kosovo, when in the north a group of ethnic Serbs gathered peacefully to demonstrate against the Kosovo government by picketing outside a local government office, which resulted in someone—presumably a Muslim—rolling a grenade into the demonstration, killing some demonstrators, our USG man on the spot reported that while the situation was lamentable, true responsibility for the deaths fell to the Serbs, who should have known that such an open demonstration would provoke Muslim violence.

So much for freedom of speech and assembly! So much for the right to petition a government of one’s grievances!

I see this sort of thing many times a day. The only thing one can conclude from this is that the USG has become fanatically ideological and will cram any facts into contortions to fit its ideological world-view. That this crazed body carries such immense power and weight bodes extremely ill for both the American people and the world.

I fear that no learning experience is going to shake loose the ideology that now rules academia and the USG until we are too far gone for it to matter.

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