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2011 October 17 Monday
DNA Exonerates Imprisoned Man For Wife's Murder

25 years in prison after someone else took his wife from him via murder.

GEORGETOWN, Texas A Texas grocery store employee who spent nearly 25 years in prison in his wifes beating death walked free Tuesday after DNA tests showed another man was responsible. His attorneys say prosecutors and investigators kept evidence from the defense that would have helped acquit him at trial.

One of the less noted problems with high crime is that the higher the crime rate the more innocent people are jailed by mistake. You are less at risk of being unjustly imprisoned if you live in the lowest crime neighborhood you can find.

It also helps to live a highly visible life where lots of people know where you are for long periods. If you at the office for 12 hours with lots of witnesses you can't be charged with murder or rape that happens somewhere else during that time.

I'd love to see IQ tests done on prosecutors who imprisoned innocents and also on other prosecutors. Are the ones wrongly putting people in jail dumber? What could be done to lower the false conviction rate? IQ tests for jurors?

IQ tests could do the society a great deal of good if only they were not taboo.

By Randall Parker    2011 October 17 09:11 PM Entry Permalink | Comments (11)
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