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2011 April 30 Saturday
Denmark Saves Money With Strict Immigration Rules

Here's a way to help close budget deficits in Western countries:

Denmark's strict immigration laws have saved the country 6.7 billion euros, a government report has claimed. Even though Denmark already has some of the toughest immigration laws in Europe, right-wing populist politicians are now trying to make them even more restrictive.

The financial crises of Western countries will last for decades. The Left's stranglehold on irresponsible immigration policies must be broken because we can no longer afford them.

More savings are possible. Can't we have some of these savings in America? The Obama Administration and Congress ought to adopt an immigration crack-down as a way to help close the US budget deficit.

Denmark's strict immigration laws have saved the country billions in benefits, a government report has claimed. The Integration Ministry report has now led to calls among right-wing populists to clamp down further on immigrants to increase the savings.

We can even use a smart analysis on which immigrants from which countries are most likely to collect welfare to target our cost-cutting measures as precisely and efficiently as possible. We can also cut the number of single parent households. Massive deportation of the least skilled non-citizens could help bring about this end.

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2009 September 04 Friday
Obama Healthcare Pretends Not To Fund Illegal Aliens

Obama and his allies are trying to deceive us.

No where does the bill require verification of one’s eligibility on citizenship or immigrant status. Not in the Medicaid part. Not in the Health Insurance Exchange. Not in the government-run insurance option. Not in the taxpayer subsidy for health premium payment. Nowhere.

Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation has noted this radical departure from other public and means-tested programs. He said at the National Press Club that those seeking to enroll in welfare programs must “be able to substantiate that you’re in the country legally” or for legal immigrants “that you’ve been here over the time limits for eligibility.”

Rector said H.R. 3200 “turns that [eligibility check requirement] on its back and tramples it into the dust. It basically says we will not verify; we will not check.”

In several places, the legislation defers the writing of details to the health bureaucracy. That approach lets lawmakers say “such-and-such isn’t in this bill.”

Modest proposal: We deport all the illegal aliens so that the bill's coverage of health care for illegal aliens becomes irrelevant. While I'm at it: We stop all legal immigration of low to medium skilled immigrants. Set a very high bar for how much money an immigrant has to earn in order to come here and take a job in the United States. How does $75k sound?

Our immigraton policies should make sure immigrants are not a burden to the rest of us. They should be required to pay for their own medical insurance (and that of any family member) if their employer does not provide it and they should be required to pay for it several months in advance so that they don't go off of insurance and stick us with a bill.

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