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2012 August 25 Saturday
Hypergamy In China Cutting Fertility Of High Ranking Women

In the United States you need to visit a pick-up artist blog (a very highly excellent one at that) in order to read realistic discussions of female hypergamy (basically, where women try to trade up and dump their lower status men). But in China social scientists consider hypergamy a serious problem to discuss.

One hurdle in finding a spouse is China’s long-standing tradition of hypergamy—or women marrying up, in terms of income and status. The older and more accomplished a Chinese woman is, the narrower her potential dating pool, explains professor Li Yinhe, who researches sex and relationships at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). Even with millions more men than women overall in China—due to rampant abortions of female fetuses by couples hoping for a son—the prospects aren’t necessarily easier for women “at the top of the social pyramid.” As Yang says: “A-class women don’t match with B-class men.”

Why this is a problem: women who have the genes that enable them to do well in business and engineering (e.g. genes for higher IQ, conscientiousness, and drive) are least likely to reproduce. This does not bode well for the gene pool of future humans.

Western countries need more a more pragmatic social science elite that will study and discuss humans as they really are. Ideological feminism and ideological diversity worship are not doing us any favors.

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2011 September 13 Tuesday
Jackie Kennedy: Alpha Jack Versus Beta Adlai Stevenson

Interviews of Jacqueline Kennedy from 1964 are just now reaching the public eye. She spoke in an era before political correctness would have made such admissions unlikely even in private. A bit of frankness about sexual attraction from Jackie.

Mrs Kennedy reveals she enjoyed having her husband 'proud of her', saw no reason to have a policy opinion that wasn't the same as his and laughed at the thought of 'violently liberal women' who preferred the more effect Adlai Stevenson to her husband.

She said: 'Jack so obviously demanded from a woman - a relationship between a man and a woman where a man would be the leader and a woman be his wife and look up to him as a man.

'With Adlai you could have another relationship where - you know, he'd sort of be sweet and you could talk, but you wouldn't ever... I always thought women who were scared of sex loved Adlai.'

Nice guys finish last? Well, Jackie was turned on by her demanding husband and turned off by nice guy Adlai Stevenson. Nice guys turn off many women.

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2011 August 23 Tuesday
Men And Women Find Like Opposites In Mating Dance

The "one night stand" women respond to "one night stand" men.

Men with a preference for 'one-night stands' and negative sexist attitudes towards women are more likely to use aggressive courtship strategies. They compete with other men who are also interested in the woman, tease the woman, and isolate her away from her friends. In response, women with a preference for 'no strings attached' sex and negative attitudes towards other women are more likely to respond to men's aggressive strategies. These findings by Jeffrey Hall and Melanie Canterberry, from the University of Kansas in the US, are published online in Springer's journal Sex Roles.

So more masculinized men and women find each other. I bet both the men and women hooking up this way have higher ring-to-index finger ratios. The "negative attitudes toward other women" is an important clue. I bet these women also have a lower desire to gossip, are taller, and have stronger career ambitions. Do they have less baby fever?

Update: Zebra finch females also flock to like-minded zebra finch males.

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2011 August 11 Thursday
Same Sex Discrimination Against Beautiful People

Pretty people aren't always at an advantage.

Maria Agthe and her team had 400 students appraise one of four job candidates based on his or her CV, with their photo attached. Although the detailed CVs suggested all the candidates were equally qualified for the job, appearances affected the results. Participants judging a candidate of the opposite sex showed the positive bias you'd expect for highly attractive candidates, being more likely to recommend them for the job. By contrast, participants judging a same-sex candidate showed the opposite pattern, exhibiting a negative bias towards same-sex good lookers. This pattern was mediated partially by the desire for social contact with the candidates - that is, participants were more likely to say they wanted to work with and be friends with opposite-sex beauties, but showed the opposite pattern for good-looking, same-sex candidates. Men and women were similarly prone to negative bias against attractive specimens of their own sex (the effect size was -.5 and -.39, respectively).

But there's a twist: The participants who had the highest self esteem did not discriminate against same sex candidates. What I would like to know: What attributes caused the high self esteem? Good looks? High status background? Personality?

What would also be interesting: Do male and female homosexuals discriminate against same sex or opposite sex beautiful people?

Also, should a company use very high self esteem people to do job interviewing? On the one hand, such people will not discriminate against good looking people of the opposite sex. But will they do a generally better or worse job of choosing employees?

Personnel decisions are crucial to the success of organizations. Yet we do not understand well enough how to make optimal choices.

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