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2010 September 04 Saturday
Islamization In Paris France

At the The Gates of Vienna Baron Bodissey points to a CBN story on Islamization in France.

NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, or even Fox News aren't going to tell us what they do not want us to know. As Derb points out, even Glenn Beck is forced to walk and talk wearing a liberal harness. He can't say what he really believes. Fox presents faux opposition to the liberal suicide of the West. Here's CBN's text report for this story.

It makes me ill to watch the decline of the West. Our elites allow developments such as Islamization in Europe because they are not for us any more. What they are for I can not tell. But not for us. We are their enemies. I do not know what we did to deserve such treatment. I do not understand why they want to subject us to these losses. But there it is.

I would think and write more about this decline but I do like to experience a queasy feeling in my stomach.

By Randall Parker    2010 September 04 03:35 PM Entry Permalink | Comments (4)
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