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2011 February 13 Sunday
Modest Proposal: New Pyramids For Egypt

What positive things do you associate with the Egypt brand? The biggest positive is obvious: Pyramids. But the pyramids are old and in appearance a far cry from their original beauty. To boost the tourism industry after the change in government the Egyptians should build new pyramids that are replicas of how some of the existing pyramids looked.

What would be especially cool: Recreation of the Great Sphinx of Giza. There could even be 2 versions: one with the Pharoah's head another built with a lion's head since it might originally have been a lion. Or possibly it was shaped as a dog for Anubis. Each replica could be built. The cat and dog people could support their preferred version. Something 4500+ years old is today a far cry from what it originally looked like when (according to some researchers) Khafra had it built (or modified?). A high quality replica of the original would pull in lots more tourists.

By Randall Parker    2011 February 13 01:16 PM Entry Permalink | Comments (10)
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