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2012 July 05 Thursday
Heartiste On The War Against Pattern Recognition

Heartiste has coined a great term to describe what has gone wrong with American intellectuals. When it comes to understanding humans there's a war in American intellectual circles against pattern recognition. This comes up in a post he did: Never Listen To A Feministís Opinion About Helping Boys. The title is certainly wise. In the process of eviscerating the arguments of feminist author Lisa Bloom he says:

The war against pattern recognition marches onward.

Boys and girls are different for biological (really, evolutionary) reasons. They have different reproductive strategies, desires, and specializations. Any argument about child development and the interests of boys and girls that ignores this basic fact is highly likely to be harmful to the interest of boys and likely to be harmful to the interests of girls as well.

Half Sigma did a recent post on why girls drop out of sports at a much higher rate than do boys. HS is doing pattern recognition again. This is why he finds it necessary to post under a pseudonym. The War Against Pattern Recognition includes a War Against Pattern Recognizers.

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2010 September 26 Sunday
Gays In The Military: An Upside

In a discussion about gays in the military at OneSTDV's blog JHB made an interesting point about young sexually charged gay men sleeping in close quarters.

The troubles with allowing homosexuals in the military are homosexual molestation, homosexual rape, and homosexual politics.

I was an officer with oversight over a unit with a case of a fast-track senior enlisted member who was gay physically molesting two very young-looking junior enlisted while they slept. It didn't end well.

Guys, imagine at the age of 18, with that level of sex drive, having to sleep in close quarters with beautiful women for months at a time without the ability to do anything sexual. It'd drive you crazy, right?

I, at some level, understand: I cannot imagine sleeping and showering in confined quarters with young, attractive women for six months at a time. I literally do not know how I would have reacted to such a situation in my youth. I suspect that the temptation of beautiful young women sleeping so close to me every night would have overwhelmed me. That, in essence, is what happened to the gay enlisted man of whom I write.

This just occurred to me: There's an upside to gays in the military. Heterosexual men could come to view the military as gay. Hetero guys avoid doing stuff that seems gay (e.g. dressing sharply, becoming a ballet dancer, acting in theater). With a gay tinge to the US military joining it would cease to be a good way young hetero men to prove their manliness. Why is that good? Fewer American men would want to join up and serve as tools for foolish leaders who get into military escapades that cost a lot of treasury and blood while harming US national interest. A big reduction in willingness to enlist would restrain America's elites.

If you want a highly effective US military then keeping key parts of it (ships, combat units) hetero-only seems wise.

I don't support gays in the military for two reasons. First, I think that none of us should be compelled to dress, shower and sleep with those who might find us sexually attractive. Second, I suspect that having homosexuals in positions of authority over others of their own sex is more destructive to order and discipline than mixed-gender units, which are themselves a greater military challenge than single-gender units.

The US military is more powerful than is ideal. US misadventures in the Middle East and the Balkans demonstrate this clearly. Our leaders are not wise enough to be in control of such a powerful force. A reduction in its size would introduce some needed discipline in top policy circles. Neocons and liberals would be less able to use the US military to carry out their agendas. So gays in the military could yield a net benefit, albeit with some tragic costs.

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2010 August 19 Thursday
Christian Must Accept Homosexuality Or Get Kicked Out

Is this multi-cultural intolerance?

An Augusta State University counseling student has filed a lawsuit against her school claiming it violated her First Amendment rights when it told her to change her traditionalist Christian views on homosexuality or get out.

The Alliance Defense Fund filed suit Wednesday on behalf of Jennifer Keeton, 24, seeking to stop the school from expelling her from her masterís degree program.

She sees homosexuality as morally wrong. The academics at Augusta State are morally certain that she's morally wrong. So these employees of the state of Georgia are trying to deny her an education in her chosen field due to her professed beliefs. Why don't they celebrate her diversity? It is a pluralistic multi-cultural society. Christians who see homosexuality as evil are just part of the vast pageantry of life. I find this curious, though not entirely unexpected. Academics are so unlike the average American that they seek to make us more like them and if they can't they cast us out. Their multi-culturalist ideology is just a pose.

Princeton U Anscombe Society (broadly I think women who want to keep their virginity for marriage among other things) member Marlow Gazzoli argues it is not a counselor's job to support whatever decisions a person wants to make about their life.

It seems to me that the faculty have a totally distorted view of what a counselor is. A counselor should not merely confirm his patient's choices and lifestyle out of some misguided respect for diversity. Rather, he is supposed to better the life of his patient, not just encourage him to do whatever he wants.

Well first off, if schools stopped training counselors and all jobs of counselors were defunded the commonwealth would be enhanced. But shouldn't it be up to the organizations that hire counselors to decide if a given counselor will deliver the sorts of messages they want delivered?

Update: I am troubled by the report above because I see it fitting into a larger pattern where universities enforce moral and ideological beliefs. Consider how doctrinally correct you have to be to get a masters degree in education or run the risk of getting tossed out of a graduate level program in education. Education departments embrace the Blank Slate view of human nature and enforce it as doctrine. They are not alone among academic departments in their embrace of this faith. Do we really want faith-based academic departments deciding who gets a degree based on whether they embrace a competing religion? Note that these education believers have powerful faith in their beliefs that is embraced by the political mainstream. We need protections against such faith.

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2010 August 08 Sunday
Another Woman Busted For Sex With Teen Guys

Christine Shreeve Hubbs is being persecuted for a feminist ideal.

LIVERMORE -- A Livermore woman faces 67 criminal charges for allegedly having sex with two teen boys.

Police arrested Christine Shreeve Hubbs, 42, on Thursday evening on a warrant. She is being held at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin in lieu of $4.3 million bail.

Teenage boys do not suffer psychological harm from having sex with older women.

I repeat: Teenage boys do not suffer psychological harm from having sex with older women. The hot for teacher trend isn't doing any harm.

What is this about? It is another manifestation of the drive to pretend that men and women are the same in all ways. Boys do not experience sex the same way girls do. But our thought police do not want us to see real existing differences where we should only see same, same, same, and still more same. So this woman who was doing no harm by given horny teenagers sex is now sitting in jail with $4.3 million bail on her head. Nuts.

Having a larger lifetime hook-up count boosts male sense of well-being. These prosecutors are undermining the male search for happiness by treating males like females.

This all reminds me of a Tracey Ullman skit.

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