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2011 August 27 Saturday
Chinese Middle Class Oppose Polluters

Incomes in some areas of China are getting high enough to spawn popular anger against pollution. The Chinese government shows wisdom in moving quickly to placate the middle class.

DALIAN, China — Chinese authorities’ swift decision to close and move an urban chemical factory after weekend street protests underscores the ruling Communist Party’s fear of alienating the increasingly outspoken middle class.

The Chinese Communist Party had better start planning how to cut back on all the air pollution. As living standards rise the air quality will be seen as unacceptable by an increasing portion of the urban workforce in China.

What I'm wondering: Will the Chinese middle class develop concerns about the rest of the world. For example, will the Chinese middle class start to show any opposition to factory farms in Somalia and other parts of Africa which produce agricultural products for China from land taken from local production? I'm guessing the development of concern for non-Chinese is still a long way off at best.

By Randall Parker    2011 August 27 11:24 PM Entry Permalink | Comments (5)
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