2016 June 04 Saturday
Twitter feed real_peerreview is gone. Replacement Needed

If you've never read @real_peerview then have a look at what you missed.

There is a need for others to take up the task of publishing excerpts of crazy peer reviewed Social Justice Warrior academic publications. The rest of the world needs to see how crazy and hostile they've become. Your enemies run the academy. More departments are falling every year.

Update: A group has heeded the call. See the Twitter stream RealPeerReview.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2016 June 04 09:14 AM 

Fox said at June 4, 2016 3:44 PM:

A replacement is up at @RealPeerReview (no underscore)

Dan said at June 4, 2016 6:51 PM:

The replacement is here:


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