2016 May 29 Sunday
Bernie Sanders Has Praised Castro, Sandinistas

Hey, its totally unfair to claim that Bernie Sanders only likes Scandinavian socialism. Lets not do that any more. Here's why: When Bernie Sanders Thought Castro and the Sandinistas Could Teach America a Lesson

As mayor of Burlington, Sanders praised the regimes of Nicaragua and CubaŚclaiming bread lines were a sign of economic health and press censorship was necessary in wartime.

What about Venezuela? As I see it Venezuela has a big upside: Suppose you want to do intermittent fasting to turn up autophagy (where your body tears down old worn intracellular components) as an anti-aging strategy. Well, you might not have the willpower to pull it off. Plus, you need to be able to concentrate on a full stomach at work. Well, food is hard to get in Venezuela and people are getting lots of extra days off to save electricity. Plus, just sitting in food lines takes many hours. These conditions are highly conducive to intermittent fasting.

What about the voters of Burlington Vermont? What's with them? I think they need to go live in Cuba or, even better, Venezuela for a few months. North Korea would be good too.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2016 May 29 10:21 PM 

Brett Bellmore said at May 30, 2016 4:49 AM:

Don't forget our horrible excess of choices of deodorant. Life would be so much better, and the economy stronger, if we only had one brand of deodorant!

Sure, Bernie is a joke. But given how well he's doing, it's a very dark joke.

Black Death said at May 31, 2016 6:35 AM:

"I think they need to go live in Cuba or, even better, Venezuela for a few months. North Korea would be good too."


This reminds me of the quote by Abraham Lincoln:

"Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally."

Check it out said at June 3, 2016 2:43 PM:

Great quote by Abraham Lincoln, great president too; probably the best the U.S. has ever had. I get reminded of that quote too, especially when I think about the percentage of population incarcerated in the U.S. Second highest in the world. North Korea is number one.

Check it out said at June 3, 2016 3:23 PM:

Randall, you are not talking about socialism, and as you very well know, quoting Scandinavian socialism will always make you a winner in a debate, simply because those are the countries with the highest standards of living throughout the whole Twentieth Century and so far in the Twenty-first. That is simply a matter of evidence. Nevertheless, I won't use Scandinavian socialism to defend socialism. I'll talk about what stupid Ronald Reagan used to call the "Evil Empire".

The Soviet Union was a country where you could go out at any time of the day without the fear of being attacked by someone who's very unfriendly. In today's Russia, people living on ground floors often mount metal bars on their windows and almost all people have steel entrance doors at their apartments. In Soviet times, there were no such things at all. The doors to apartment buildings would always be open just like the doors to the basements of those buildings. There were never any drug addicts or homeless people in those basements, because there were no such people in the Soviet Union at all: neither drug addicts nor homeless.

In the Soviet Union, women would hang linen and clothes after washing outside - on ropes in the yard, and it never occurred to anyone either to steal or stain them.

In the Soviet Union, people knew their neighbors by their names and would always drop by to each other for some matches or some sugar or salt.

In the Soviet Union, people would always honor war veterans. In the Soviet Union, buying a bus or a tram ticket was always a matter of passenger's conscience. A passenger would have to drop a coin into a special box and then use a wheel on the side of the ticket box to have a ticket. Those boxes were mechanical, they were not automatic, so one could have a ticket without slotting a coin into it first, or have as many tickets as one wanted.

In the Soviet Union, vending machines selling soda were at every corner. People would pay 3 kopecks to get a faceted glass of delicious sweet soda (non-sweet water was 1 kopeck). The glass could be washed before use and no one would ever steal the glasses.
In the Soviet Union, there was the best education in the world for free. In the Soviet Union, children could go to free sports clubs and travel to summer camps, resorts and sanatoriums for free.

In the Soviet Union, there was no terrorism in the Caucasus. The Soviet Caucasus, was a place for resorts, hotels and world's finest mineral water. In Soviet Ukraine, there were no Bandera fighters and no swastikas. In Soviet Ukraine, there were endless fields of golden wheat, aircraft and tank industry, clean cities and friendly, hospitable people. In Soviet Baltic states, there were no SS marches and no kissing up to European officials. The Soviet Baltic states used to be the center for the production of high-precision electronics and radio, automobiles and world-famous balms.

In the Soviet Union, an adult man could come to a lonely child in the street and ask whether he or she needed help, and no one would suspect that man of pedophilia.

In the Soviet Union, young people would be given one-room apartments from the state after marriage. When young people would become parents, they could move to a two-room apartment, and all of that was absolutely for free. No one in the Soviet Union knew the word "mortgage."

In the Soviet Union, there were no piles of corpses or dismembered bodies on television. There was no toilet and below-the-waste humor either. Instead, there were educational programs and good kind-hearted Soviet films that everyone still likes.

In the Soviet Union, a loaf of bread cost 24 kopecks always. It cost 24 kopecks today, four years ago and four years ahead. A ruble forgotten in a book and found ten years later would still be same-value money, not a devaluated piece of paper.

See, it's not socialism you're talking about Randall. Be precise, be honest. You are talking about Nicolas Maduro and Venezuela. Your fallacy is called FAULTY CAUSE or FAULTY ANALOGY.

It's fun to know about History and Geography: It gives you context.

Seth W. said at June 8, 2016 2:31 PM:

If we mix Randall's far-right opinions and Check it out's far-left messages, and if we also ignore about half of the strident posts, we could almost get a sober, moderated opinion here and perhaps meet at the center. It's like Fox News vs. Granma News with you two.

We have become so divided and we are now so angry that we are only able to think, or better said, feel in extremes. We're really not that different. We're all human and have the same kind of needs, fears, loves, sadnesses and wants. We just have to start from a common ground and beleive me there is a common ground.

Hope you two guys (Check it out and Randall) can control your emotions and avoid the displays we've witnessed here for some time now. Emotion is what has triggered some of the dullest things you both, and some other participants, have said. I'm not necessarily referring to this date's post, but in general.

Thank you both and cheers to all.

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