2016 May 17 Tuesday
Criminal Kids Become Jihadists In Netherlands

Kids who go off to jihad do crime first. If this is true the implications are very important.

But Martien Kuitenbrouwer, a former mayor of West Amsterdam, who has investigated radicalization for the past decade, said years of paying close attention to the Muslim community had yielded some valuable insights about who becomes an extremist and why. Criminality and jihadism “are part of the same stick,” she said. “Nearly all the kids who go to Syria have a background in crime.”

I'd like to see systematic gathering of evidence on this question combined with psychometric and genetic testing.

Biosocial criminality researcher Brian Boutwell argues that genes play a large role in causing criminal behavior. These kids who become jihadists are, on average, genetically different than kids from the same ethnic group who do not become criminals or jihadists. If we knew the genetic locations responsible for these differences we could predict who was more likely to become criminals or jihadists.

By contrast, blaming the behavior of children on parenting practices is usually wrong. Its what the parents gave the kids at the moment of conception that matters the most.

There's still a role for environment, at least for jihad. If the kids weren't raised as Muslims it would not occur to them to become jihadists. Though they'd still become criminals.

Kids who sneak off to Syria and get killed by Russian or American smart bombs or by Kurdish women fighters are kids who are lowering the future crime rates of France, the Netherlands, and other countries of origin.

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