2016 May 10 Tuesday
Preppers Buying More Property

Sales are up for many kinds of prepper products.

Likewise, sales at bunker builder Rising S Co. have never been better. They shot up 20% to 25% over the past two years for the radiation-resistant shelters, which can be sunk 33 feet underground and tricked out with gyms, greenhouses, and water filtration systems...

I do not buy the political instability argument for building remote second homes that can function off-grid. Maybe another Carrington Event is reason to prepare. Maybe a massive killer pandemic. But economic depression? Doesn't seem like a reason to move to a remote area even if the depression happens. There'll still be an economy and specialization of labor will remain a huge benefit of civilization. So I'm not seeing it.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2016 May 10 10:21 PM 

rye said at May 11, 2016 4:44 AM:

I think that the desire for shelter during an economic collapse stems from the belief that our collective unwillingness to suppress anti-social behavior among non-whites will remain unchanged even after the EBT's run dry. Better to wait it out underground rather than face the wrath of what remains of organized government, which may devote what few resources it still has to punishing property owners who violate the civil rights of "diverse" looters.

Hairybroness said at May 11, 2016 1:25 PM:

"punishing property owners who violate the civil rights of "diverse" looters"

You may be right, since the prepper types I know are super racist and think liberals will allow anything and that race wars are coming. That said, I fully expect riots and looting if there was a massive collapse. Seems like the only way to survive it would be to have such a remote off-grid home. I'd love one personally.

Check it out said at May 11, 2016 3:34 PM:

$1.5 million to bury yourself in a bunker? For who knows how long? Too much for me. Besides, one would come back out again in the aftermath to find what?

A remote off-grid home? Too vulnerable, doesn't matter how remote. Somebody will find you and plunder your crops and chickens.

Bunkers and off the grid homes... Are these the only choices we are left with after being the number 1 nation in the world? One that used to be called "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave"?

Fuck, the human species really sucks. For all the problems we have today we always seem to choose the worst soultions: those who are not really solutions. No brains, no balls and no solidarity.

People always toughtalk but hardly never stand up against tirany; always choosing to procrastinate grabbing the bull by the horns. Now is the time to hang up high all those fucken Fed assholes, bankers, corporation owners and their lackey politicians with the intestines of kings, priests, bishops and popes, like the French did back in 1789. Oh, but I forgot; we've grown too fat, too lazy and too stupid to even know who the enemy is, much less to fight a worthy fight. Never mind, let's keep blaming immigrants, libs, cons, righties, lefties, sitting our fat asses on the couch switching tv channels or web pages and saving for our new wonderful American underground /isolated way of "life". Want a fucken big mac and a coke with that?

It is my oppinion -and not a humble one- that anybody who has the money to buy a bunker and pays for it to hide in with a few of his friends and relatives is a douchebag. A mental and physical wimp who would make the forefathers blush filled with embarrassment. They would fucken start belting and kicking our coward and stupid asses back in shape, god damn it!

Jim said at May 12, 2016 6:19 AM:

Check it out - Regarding the effects of the French Revolution of 1789 - This resulted in famine, massive internal violence involving the deaths of hundrds of thousands of people, and an economic collapse of about 50%. These were the short term consequences. In the longer term the misery of the French population was carried abroad by the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars producing mass death and famine across Europe. In 1812 Napoleon invaded Russia with an army of about 600,000 men. In the resulting struggle French dead have been estimated at 400,000 while the Russian army suffered about 200,000 killed. Estimated civilian dead bring the total killed to above one million people. For decades after the Napoleonic Wars the villages of France were filled with amputees hobbling around on wooden legs. The standard of living in France did not return to what it had been in 1789 until about 1840.

Check it out said at May 13, 2016 3:45 PM:

That's right Jim. Every major and meaningful change, has to be through blood bath. It's the natural process and it always comes with an aftermath. Things like this happen when people have just had enough. The elite in power is too dumb to know when the people start not to care anymore because they have nothing or really very little to lose. We're getting close to that.

That's the cost of freedom, democracy and well-being. You are making exactly my point. Most people allow freedoms and bits of their democracy to be taken away yes, little by little, oh but very steadily. Freedom is not lost at once. The state of affairs didn't become what it is now, overnight. They started taking away our rights and freedoms decades ago and nobody became outraged, except a few of us who couldn't find any echo or simpathy from all those who cherished their comfort too much to take action. We've let pass and continue to let pass all those abuses from our politicians, corporations and religious ministers and for so long that the only way to fix things must be a bloody one.

You're completely right Jim. When you procrastinate over anything, anything you can think of: fixing your car, standing up to bullies, fixing your teeth, giving up smoking, exercising, etc, you will have to pay a much higher cost to get things fixed. Procrastinating means losing freedom. Now the only way to really turn things around is to pay the cost that fixing this mess implies. If you procrastinate, the dentist will have to drill deeeper and more painfully, you'll have to pay more to the mechanic for his work and the spare parts needed, and you'll have to beat the bully a lot harder and longer to convey the message.

We just gotta stand up and do it, but soon. We gotta add a little brain too. Good thing we have the choice to decide when we want to do it; but there's always a point beyond which things can never be fixed...

Jim said at May 15, 2016 2:49 PM:

Check it out - The revolution in Haiti some 200 years ago was a massive bloodbath involving the killing of the ruling class down to the last man, women and child and the complete seizure of every bit of wealth of the ruling class. Today Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and very close to being the poorest in the world. The bloody Russian Revolution lead to immense suffering for the people of the Russian Empire and today Russia is only a shadow of what it might have been. The bloodlust of the left has been a huge disaster for humanity.

A while back the left took over Venezuela, a country of enormous economic potential with a huge tropical rainforest and the world's largest reserves of oil. Today they have reduced it to a basket case. I think when the Mongols conquered lands they scarcely produced as much devastation as the left produces when they take over.

The French Revolution was a disaster for the vast majority of the French population as well as the population of Europe.

Rico Zamman said at May 15, 2016 3:49 PM:

So what has the right done for Mexico? Yes, over 120,000 killed under Felipe Calderon's ultra right wing regime and how about the first three years of Peña Nieto? So far 57,000 + and he's got 3 more years to go, baby. What has the right done for Colombia under Uribe? What did it do in Perú under fucken Fujimory? Argentina under Menem? What did it do for Cuba under Batista back in the 50s? What about Nicaragua under Somoza? Chile under Pinochet? Spain under Franco? Fuck, what about Germany under ultra-right Hitler? (perhaps you're thinking that it was Socialism, because he used the name "Nationalsozialismus" to conceal his Fascism)

Hey, what has the right (democrats) and the ultra right (republicans) done for the U.S. lately?

Take a hint Jim....

Jim said at May 16, 2016 4:01 AM:

Rico - I never said anything in support of any of the people you mention. Pointing out the disastrous results of the French or Russian Revolutions is not equivalent to being a supporter of Hitler. Have you ever heard of the phrase "attacking a strawman"?

James Bowery said at May 16, 2016 6:35 AM:

Speaking as a boomer from the midwest settler culture that originated much of the computer industry and saw it trashed by the coastal elites:

There is this belief that profits from network effects are fairly "left where they are" -- a belief espoused by even the least worst of the defenders of the midwest computing culture such as Charles Murry in his argument for replacing the welfare state. This belief has resulted in a huge population of boomer engineers entering retirement without anything to lose but their lives which are, shall we say, not quite worth living. The aforementioned belief, since it must be maintained, imputes these engineers to be technically sub-par and therefore not much of a threat should they start acting on their "envy" of those justly rewarded by network effects. Combine that with the psychotic delusion of the social sciences -- not the least of which is that of the economics profession's definition of "inflation" based not on the cost of replacement reproduction among such engineers, but on such execrable metrics as "hedonic value" -- so that they don't even have children (or if they do, their children were raised by their divorced wives and whatever real estate value they acquired by being early in Silicon Valley is in the pockets of divorce lawyers) and you have an interesting potential for a _lot_ of leading figures in "high tech" being killed by boomer engineers who don't really want to live anymore themselves anyway.

What happens when the likes of Brin, Page, Zuckerberg, etc. and the rest of "75% foreign born tech workers in Silicon Valley isn't enough" psychos (we can forget about Gates even though he was the primary network effect parasite on Moore's Law -- he's no longer actively drawing blood from the culture) are all killed?

James Bowery said at May 16, 2016 9:23 PM:

Looks like there might be some competition from Al-Qaeda:

Terrorist group Al-Qaeda threatens to murder Microsoft founder Bill Gates

It is easy to see why a group that hates the USA and its freedom would target Bill Gates. Not only is he one of the richest people in the world, but a symbol of the American dream. Even as an older man, the image of a young and bright technology success is still ingrained in our society. Even presidential hopeful Donald Trump thinks Gates is powerful enough to close down the entire internet!

Feel free to leave a message of support for Bill Gates in the comments below.

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