2016 April 22 Friday
Western Left Hates Ayaan Hirsi Ali For Islam Criticisms

Western liberals are angry at Ayaan Hirsi Ali for saying mainstream Islam is misogynistic and hostile to non-believers. A very well funded Saudi lobby agrees wtih the Western liberals.

She notes that Congressional hearings held since September 11, 2001 have repeatedly cited the role of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states in spreading an ideology that praises misogyny in particular and retaliation against non-believers in general, and yet there has been no discernible change in U.S. policy toward these nations. “It has gotten worse,” Ms. Hirsi Ali says of the Saudis’ role in fomenting fundamentalist Islam. “The Saudi lobby is so strong.”

Read the whole article.

Also read When Pieties Collide: Feminism and multiculturalism in Western Europe by Heather Mac Donald. She addresses the sexual violence by Muslim men in Europe and the Left's response to it.

When feminists were cornered into addressing the violence, they tied themselves into knots trying to change the subject back to their favorite topic: Western white-male patriarchy. “The problem of sexualized violence has already existed here for some time and can’t simply be ‘deported,’” said German feminist Anne Wizorek to Der Spiegel. “It cannot be allowed to become the standard in gender debates that only male migrants are considered to be those responsible [for sexual violence].” In other words, the New Year’s assaults were continuous with the routine terror inflicted by German men on German women. Actually, there was no precedent in Germany or the rest of Europe for mass peacetime sexual assaults, much less ones where the police merely look on. “I have never experienced such a thing in any German city,” a victim told the New York Times. But people who did name the attacks for what they were—a manifestation of Muslim misogyny and an alarm bell regarding mass immigration—were vilified as racists.

We need more populist rebellions. The establishment is rotten.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2016 April 22 03:02 PM 

tanabear said at April 24, 2016 8:26 AM:

The modern left is just a cult of hatred. You must think of it as a cult, not as an ideology, if you wish to understand how they think and behave. Think back to the Second Punic War between the Romans and the Carthaginians for a historical parallel. The Carthaginians used a mercenary army to do their fighting, while the Romans had an army based on personal service(i.e. people fighting for money vs. people fighting for their country). Hannibal hired soldiers from across the Mediterranean to do his fighting(Numidian cavalry, Balearic slingers, Iberians, Gauls etc). They might all have different religions, languages and customs, but they are all useful in helping to erode and destroy the civilization of Rome. Rome was one culture, one language and one people. The barbarian horde of Hannibal would be comparable to what is referred to as the "Coalition of the Fringes" today. Gay people and Muslims immigrants might not agree on much, but they are both useful in helping to enervate and hollow-out the Civilization of the West. Hannibal hated Rome root and branch, the Cult of Diversity hates America and the West root and branch.

For instance, if you ask leftoids to name their least liked group it is always conservatives. Conservatives will normally name some group that threatens their country and people. During the 1980s Conservatives said Communists in the Soviet Union were their least favorite group, liberals said it was the religious right in America. Today conservatives might say ISIS, liberals would say religious Christians, as always.

So while conservatives focus on foreign threats(the Soviet Union, Al Qaeda etc). Liberals focus destroying the culture of American conservatives, Christians and the like. Conservatives need to stop focusing on the foreign boogie man like, Putin and Assad, and turn their attention to the real evil, the modern day Cult of Diversity. That is our greatest threat, not guys doing the monkey bars in the dessert.

Rico Zamman said at May 2, 2016 6:29 PM:

The West is not homogeneous. Conservatives always seem to fall for facades and never identify the real enemy. All forms of religious militancy and indoctrination should be banned like Richard Dawkins proposes.

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