2016 April 02 Saturday
How Salon Reacts To Terrorist Bombings

We brought this on ourselves, and we are the terrorists, too. This is status signaling of a destructive sort. It is a shame the Western civilization is suicidal. But it is likely to remain that way unless something extremely bad happens.

Salon's response was presaged by Douglas Murray's essay: A terrorist attack has happened in Europe. Let the standard response begin…

I think Westerners who are sane need to think about how to form a Western country of only sane people and separate themselves from the fools. Of course this proposed country should have excellent border barriers.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2016 April 02 10:16 AM 

Brett Bellmore said at April 2, 2016 5:30 PM:

I think Musk is thinking about that. Vacuum is a pretty good border barrier.

Engineer-Poet said at April 4, 2016 8:01 AM:

Having to travel through vacuum is a pretty good test of IQ and future time orientation.

Joseph Moroco said at April 4, 2016 3:16 PM:

It is dumb to let them in en masse, but also goofy to be bugging them in their own countries. If you can't see blowback resulting, there is a problem.

Brett Bellmore said at April 4, 2016 3:51 PM:

My personal preference is that we just leave them alone.

Of course, leaving them alone implies not buying oil from them anymore for trillions a year, not selling advanced technology to them. Quarantine them, and then see if they can advance on their own.

Jim said at April 5, 2016 8:21 AM:

Brett - If we refused to buy oil from them directly it would just get done through a third party. Of course we should never have becone involved in the myriad internal conflicts of the Middle East. In 1948 Truman's Secretary of State, George Marshall, strongly advised Truman not to become involved in the Arab-Israeli Conflict. This was one of the best pieces of advice any American President has ever received. Unfortunately Truman choose to follow instead the advice of his political advisors at staggering cost to our nation.

Check it out said at April 5, 2016 4:55 PM:

"We brought this on ourselves, and we are the terrorists, too." Agree.

Of all human vices, cowardice is the worst.

For every frightened nation there's always a dictator.

Instead of looking at the hard truth we chose comforting lies to alleviate the 911 shcok. We chose to believe 911 came from where we were told; we chose to believe that it was because they envied our "freedom"; we chose to believe that airplane wings can cut through reinforced concrete pillars; we chose to believe that Bush was telling us the truth even as his lies were blatant and obscene.

The people, the mob, the masses are blind. They acted reactively against an unreal outside enemy. The enemy was within. Many still don't see that the only international terrorism that exists nowadays is the official state terrorism, which is carried out by a supranational invisible government.

Check it out said at April 5, 2016 5:03 PM:

Terrorists became really popular in the West only after the Soviet Union and the Communist Block were destroyed through thousands of economic, military and propaganda means, and the West suddenly felt too exposed, so alone without anyone to fight. Somehow it felt that it needed to justify its monstrous oppressive acts in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia.

It needed a new mighty, really mighty, enemy to rationalize its astronomical military and intelligence budgets. It was not good enough to face a few hundred 'freaks' somewhere inside the Colombian jungle or in Northern Ireland or Corsica. There had to be something really huge, something matching that 'evil' Soviet "threat".

Oh how missed that threat was, suddenly! Just a threat of course; not the danger of egalitarian and internationalist ideals...
And so the West linked terrorism with Islam, which is one of the greatest cultures on earth, with 1.6 billion followers. Islam is big and mighty enough, to scare the shit out of the middle class housewives in some Western suburb! And on top of that, it had to be contained anyway, as it was essentially too socialist and too peaceful.

There is of course one more important reason why "terrorism", particularly Muslim "terrorism", is so essential for the survival of Western doctrines, exceptionalism and global dictatorship: it justifies the West's notion of absolute cultural and moral superiority.

For centuries, the West has been behaving like a mad bloodthirsty monster. Despite the self-glorifying propaganda being spread by Western media outlets all over the world, it was becoming common knowledge that the Empire was raping, murdering and plundering in virtually all corners of the Globe. A few more decades and the world would see the West exclusively as a sinister and toxic disease. Such a scenario had to be prevented by all means!
And so the ideologues and propagandists of the Empire came up with a new and brilliant formula: Let's create something that looks and behaves even worse than we do, and then we could trumpet that we are still actually the most reasonable and tolerant culture on earth!
And let's make a real pirouette: let's fight our own creation - let's fight it in the name of freedom and democracy!"
This is how the new generation; the new breed of "terrorist" was born. And it lives! It is alive and well! It is multiplying like Capek's Salamanders.

Check it out said at April 5, 2016 5:11 PM:

So what is real terrorism, and how could ISIS and others follow its lead? They say that ISIS is decapitating their victims. Bad enough. But who is their teacher?
For centuries, the empires of Europe were murdering, torturing, raping and mutilating people on all continents of the world. Those who were not doing so directly, were "investing" into colonialist expeditions, or sending its people to join genocidal battalions.
King Leopold II and his cohorts managed to exterminate around 10 million people of Western and Central Africa, in what is now known as the Congo. He was hunting people down like animals, forcing them to work on his rubber plantations. If he thought that they were not filling up his coffers fast enough, he did not hesitate to chop off their hands, or burn entire village populations inside their huts, alive.
10 million victims vanished. 10 million! And it did not take place in some distant past, in the "dark ages", but in the 20th century, under the rule of so-called constitutional monarchy, and self-proclaimed democracy. How does it compare with the terrorism that is ruling over the territories occupied by ISIS? Let's compare numbers and brutality level!
And the Democratic Republic of Congo has, since 1995, lost again close to 10 million people in a horrid orgy of terror, unleashed by the West's proxies, Rwanda and Uganda

Germans performed holocausts in South-Western Africa, in what is now Namibia. The Herero tribe was exterminated, or at least close to 90% of it was. People were first kicked out from their land and from their homes, and driven into the desert. If they survived, the German pre-Nazi expeditions followed, using bullets and other forms of mass killing. Medical experiments on humans were performed, to prove the superiority of the Germanic nation and the white race.

These were just innocent civilians; people whose only crime was that they were not white, and were sitting on land occupied and violated by the Europeans.

The Taliban never came close to this, or even ISIS!
To this day, the Namibian government is demanding the return of countless heads severed from its people: heads that were cut off and then sent to the University of Freiburg and several hospitals in Berlin, for medical experiments. Just imagine, ISIS chopping thousands of European heads, in order to perform medical experiments aiming to demonstrate the superiority of the Arab race. It would be absolutely unthinkable!

Everybody is furious, horrified! The UN is "deeply concerned", Western governments are "outraged", and the Western public "has had enough - it does not want immigrants from those terrible countries that are breeding terrorism and violence".
The West "simply has to get involved". And here comes the War on Terror.

It is a war against the West's own Frankenstein. It is a war that is never meant to be won. Because if it is won, god forbid, there would have to be peace, and peace means cutting defense budgets and also dealing with the real problems of our Planet.
Peace would mean the West looking at its own past. It would mean thinking about justice and rearranging the entire power structures of the Planet. And that can never be allowed.

And so the West is "playing" war games; it is "fighting" its own recruits (or pretending to fight them), while innocent people are dying.
No part of the world, except the West, would be able to invent and unleash something so vile and barbaric as ISIS or Al-Nusra!

Look closer at the strategy of these group-implants: it has no roots in Muslim culture whatsoever. But it is fully inspired by the Western philosophy of colonialist terrorism: "If you don't fully embrace our dogmas and religion, then we will cut off your head, slash your throat, rape your entire family or burn your village or city to the ground. We will destroy your grand cultural heritage as we did in South America 500 years ago, and in so many other places."

And so on and so on! It would really require great discipline not to see the connections!

Daniel said at April 5, 2016 11:04 PM:

I envision the day - not in my lifetime - where the majority of white westerners lose their political rights and must endure a society (and it will be good for them) where the "optimates" make law and rule. Who are these "optimates"? They will be men who will take the state by force and strip the majority of their political (not human) rights. I believe that this development is inevitable.

Check it out said at April 12, 2016 4:49 PM:

Daniel, white westerners are becoming extinct. The white race will be gone almost entirely in the next 100 years, mainly by mixture. That is, of course- if the whole human species is not extinct by then; good thing though, humans are just another evolutionary dead end; one that is particularly self destructive, which is just a way for this plantet to keep us in check. Pack your shit man, we're going away and the planet will continue to be here producing other species far better than humans; far better than you and i.

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