2016 March 25 Friday
Conservative Purges, Conservative Publications

Read Paul E. Gottfried's The Logic Of Conservative Purges. It is about the series of writers who, over decades, were purged from mainstream conservatism, especially from writing in The National Review.

What I especially object to: litmus tests for conformity. Even if I perfectly agreed with the purgers on a long list of specific issues I'd still object to stifling diversity of opinions. Uniformity leads to uniformity of mistakes and intolerance of opposing views.

Whenever (not often) I go to The National Review web site I'm struck by a much more crusading feel than going to, by contrast, The American Conservative. Have a look at both. The former seems more bent on promoting an agenda and the latter seems more like people kicking around a lot of ideas about difficult problems with no easy solutions. The latter comes across more as people earnestly thinking out loud with less worry about ideological conformity. You can also find purged National Review writers at Taki's Magazine. Neither of them are likely to run an attack on the white lower class who aren't able to compete in the globalized economy.

If you want to read a site with both liberal and conservative writers grappling with the problems of Western societies without political correctness or ideological crusading check out Quillette. It has a more data-driven bent. Another alternative opinion site: Unz.com. It also has purged conservatives but also writers who were never part of the mainstream commentariat.

Am I leaving out some sites I ought to mention? Post links in the comments and I'll have a look.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2016 March 25 08:44 PM 

Black Death said at March 27, 2016 3:12 PM:

National Review has become another mouthpiece for the neocon, globalist, open borders agenda. I never read it. Sites to mention? Don't forget http://www.vdare.com/.

GeneThug said at March 28, 2016 1:38 PM:

Not a coherent site, but it's a hell of an aggregator for alt-right ideas. I wildly disagree with some of it (ethnonationalism being SRSLY un-American), but that said... http://neoreactionary.blogspot.com/

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