2016 March 25 Friday
$15 Per Hour Minimum Wage Likely For New York State

The politics in New York look favorable for a $15 per hour minimum wage.

The top 5 US states in population are California (39 million), Texas (27 million), Florida (20 million), New York (20 million), Illinois (13 million). Well, California has a $15 per hour min wage voter proposition for 2016. In the New Jersey (population 9 million) state legislature a $15 min wage bill is drawing attention.

We could find a fifth or even a quarter of the American population living under $15 minimum wage laws by 2025 if not sooner.

Of course regular readers know my takes of the effects of $15 per hour min wage:

  • Great news for robot makers
  • Will cut illegal immigration by reducing supply of low skilled jobs.
  • Will make more high school kids idle. If you are bright then Code Academy beckons.
  • Hastens the day when low IQ people become unemployable (already a reality for some of them).
  • Will greatly boost quality of restaurant food and many basic services as they become automated.

I look forward to automated cooking robots that can whip up recipes downloaded from internet recipe sites. The quality of fast food will soar.

Update: California politicians have just reached a deal for $15 min wage by 2022. Venture capitalists take note. Restaurant automation opportunities await the right start-up.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2016 March 25 02:32 PM 

Matthew Wolfinbarger said at April 27, 2016 9:07 PM:

Honestly, given that structural unemployment (well beyond its historic levels) is looking more and more a fundamental part of the U.S. economy, there is a part of me that supports any (reasonable) thing to make it completely undeniable. I see Americans (in particular) as a group being far too obsessed with morally condemning unemployment. I'm not saying one should consider idleness to be unquestionably morally acceptable, but it seems pretty stupid to spend tens of thousands of dollars a year punishing and prodding people to do work that is only worth ten thousand a year. (millions to fight, not a penny in tribute! -- hardly a way of dealing with a substantial [i.e., double digit] percentage of one's fellow citizens).

Of course, there are other solutions to dealing with long-term unemployment; many people who are not (immediately) competitively employable are still both physically and mentally capable of working.

More and more though, the Charles Murray (who apparently, is a Communist) plan of a minimum guaranteed income is making more and more sense.

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