2016 March 19 Saturday
Carrier Moving Jobs From Indianapolis To Mexico

One way Trump gets more voters: companies move their jobs abroad. One worker losing their job says about the prospects of finding a similarly paying job:

"I think it will be extremely hard to find a job that pays $22 an hour," Ms Bigbee said. "You have to be really blessed to find a job that pays that kind of money."

So there. Making more than $22 per hour? Then it is very likely you really are blessed, blessed with genetic variants that boost intelligence.

If you've got the genetic variants that boost intelligence but haven't used those smarter neurons to learn skills that shield you from out-sourcing you are making a mistake.

Another way Trump gets more voters: The Democrats let in illegal aliens who are willing to work for less. This make the donor class happy. It also makes happy the Democrats who want more lower class voters to support them.

The 90 IQ people are at a distinct disadvantage in this battle: They aren't smart enough to figure out where their interests lie. So not holding out much hope for their future employment.

Why else those of 90 IQ (and pretty much anyone near average or below average IQ) is screwed: The robots are coming. By 2035 taxi jobs, long haul trucker jobs, local delivery jobs, trash collection truck jobs, and other surface transportation jobs are going to be gone, gone, gone. Janitors? Gone for the most part. Backhoe, bulldozer, farm tractor jobs? In the history books.

Carrier would automate those air conditioning factory sooner if they couldn't get Mexican workers in Mexico to do the work for less than $20 per day. What is surprising to me: why didn't Carrier make the shift sooner? Loyalty to American workers? A drop in other costs in Mexico? What changed? Why now?

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2016 March 19 05:18 PM 

Don't Check Noting Out said at March 21, 2016 5:43 PM:

I'm sorry Randall, I told you this would happen. And it's happening much faster than I thought it would.


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