2016 February 07 Sunday
EU To Pay Macedonia To Isolate Greece

EU ministers are proposing to pay non-member Macedonia to build up border obstacles to prevent the immigrant horde from leaving Greece to enter Macedonia on their way into the heart of Europe.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel initiated the stampede and she's refused to say that Germany will stop accept the Middle Eastern and North African immigrants.

The European Union is upset with Greece for not spending money they don't have to block the flow of immigrants,many of whom are not war refugees and those who were already had safe haven in Muslim Turkey). The EU mininsters want to bottle the up the hundreds of thousands and eventually millions of immigrants in Greece.

Greece isn't allowed to deport the immigrants. This is considered inhumane to refugees.

Europe has decayed.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2016 February 07 09:33 AM 

Engineer-Poet said at February 8, 2016 2:46 AM:

Could this be a move calculated to force Grexit?

Dan said at February 11, 2016 10:09 AM:

Merkel cannot be politically incorrect, will not be politically incorrect. This problem is trivial to solve if Merkel's government would not affirmatively give these people European papers and tons of free stuff. Just a word from her and it would be done.

It is ridiculous that Merkel is asking for difficult action steps from other countries while all she needs to do is follow a policy of inaction (stop giving them papers and money!)

Or how about stop 'rescuing' them all the way to Europe when their inflatable dinghy breaks down 100 feet from the shore of their third world country?

Germany's government must all be cucks. Are there none who will gently remove her from power, and drive her to a nice villa in the countryside to tend to a little garden?

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