2016 January 30 Saturday
Calling Men On Their Failure To Protect European Women

Interesting way to go at the European immigration problem: Where are Europe's men? Faith Goldy on the 'testosterone recession':

While women in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and elsewhere are being groped and raped by Muslim migrants, many are asking, "Where are their men?" As Faith Goldy of TheRebel.media notes, the ones that aren't wearing miniskirts at protest rallies (!) are apparently doing nothing at all.

Telling men they are being wimpy and lame and unmasculine is one way to get them to take more responsible political positions.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2016 January 30 05:01 PM 

sestamibi said at January 30, 2016 9:21 PM:

No that is inoperative in Scandinavia where the sustained war on masculinity has been in place for upwards of 40 years. If I were a man in Sweden ordered to sit to pee I don't think I'd be much inclined to provide succor and rescue those giving those orders--especially when the cunts now in charge actually prefer non-white invaders as sex partners to native Swedish men.

Rick Darby said at January 31, 2016 8:26 AM:

No, they'll take "unmasculine" as a compliment. Masculinity is for wogs. Progressive men rise above atavistic tendencies, like protection and revenge.

This sorry state of affairs will carry on until traditionalists create various media role models of strong (but fair) masculinity. They could encompass a wide range of men who are men -- not just John Wayne and the Marlboro Man, but Jimmy Stewart politicians who hold the line against political tyranny even if it costs them their political future. One reason for Donald Trump's success so far in the presidential campaign is that he is perceived as a benign revival, someone who catches the grenade and tosses it back at his enemies instead of whining that he didn't really mean to offend anyone.

Sure, the rough idea of manhood could use a little polishing. (Hint: it doesn't have anything to do with Super Bowl parties.) But the suppressed side of winning the daily bread and protecting the weak is still around, and brave media figures can again model it.

Rick Darby said at January 31, 2016 8:30 AM:

Randall, you would get more comments if you would scupper the idiotic comment software, especially the maddening "Captcha" thing.

Engineer-Poet said at January 31, 2016 12:25 PM:

The comment software is an IQ test.  You fail.

Nick said at January 31, 2016 12:52 PM:

Here's the best place for the masculinity that's missing in Europe: http://www.dangerandplay.com

Bob said at January 31, 2016 7:17 PM:

The problem is lack of property rights. Men can't own women metaphorically any more like they could when women were pressured into monogamous marriages at a young age and divorce and adultery were heavily restricted. Men are perfectly willing to defend their own property, but are less eager to defend things they have no property rights to.

Restore property rights, and you'll restore defense of property.

Would the woman in the video find this acceptable? I have my doubts. I suspect she wants an army of soldier bees to defend the queen bees:


Randall Parker said at January 31, 2016 8:59 PM:


If I remove the CAPTCHA I will certainly get a lot more comments, probably thousands per day.


Sweden has made itself an experiment the rest of us can learn from.

Seth W. said at February 2, 2016 2:53 PM:

Swedsish men, just like American men are now too emasculated by the female to even want to defend them.

Women are now tough, haven't you heard. Women don't need men any longer, in fact women now think it is fashionable or at least an option to kick men in the genitals and making fun of them. Women love to make men look like fools, even in front of their own children, haven't you noticed. Women like to embarrass their men when men don't make enough money for them, and there's never such a thing as "enough" for a woman, is there. Women love using their own children as blackmail tool when raising a family and women love holding their own children hostages when breaking up with their father. Haven't you heard?

Some women still get angry when a man opens the car door for them. Sweden has the highest percentage of women working. During women's lib women were deceived by the media into believing that they were prisoners in their houses and never realized they owned everything, the man, the kids, the neighborhood. They wanted liberation, well liberation comes at a cost. Women are no more a man's mate, but a man's competitor. Men are tired of that.

Men simply got tired of defending women who have always made very clear that they don't need men.

Daniel H said at February 2, 2016 3:57 PM:

At least Sicilians still have balls.


Check it out said at February 2, 2016 5:17 PM:

Well we don't need to go to Sweden and point the finger at the Swedes. Just look at all them American idiots STILL FEELING THEY HAVE TO GET ON THEIR KNEES TO PROPOSE!, -please excuse the caps- anyway, and look at them bitches glowing at such a view and demanding that if its not kneeling, men have to find an outrageous, embarrassing or sometimes even dangerous way to propose in order for them cunts to accept.

Well most -not all- American men lack the balls to realize that they're buying a woman's sex for too high a price. A few are searching outside the U.S. because they realize they can get fucked big time if it doesn't work.

Hey young male American friends, love is a sport that you gotta learn to play right, because most Americans are not good at it, just like soccer. If you want to propose like a man, there are many ways, but if you're too affraid to try them out just propose without really proposing: Just tell the girl what YOU want and ask her if she would like to become a part of it. If she says "No" -or plays offended-, forget her; a fickle childish brat matters very little when there's more than one woman around. And just lose that goddamn fear of rejection, by having more than one girlfriend to resort to. Broaden your opportunities with WOMEN, not just with who you believe to be "the love of your life".

You take a girl out, you open the door for her always, you are outside and it's chilly, you place your coat around the girl without asking her; you see a girl out in the street and you introduce yourself, and if she rejects you, you try it again politely or make her laugh until she yields in -or accusses you of harrassment- So what! That'll only mean she's too stupid and not the right one. No problem. You'll be surprised how much pussy you can get that way. When a woman is in love with you, she's feeling something very different from what you are feeling. Not giving a fuck so much for your girl -for a change- will be good for your sex life, believe me.

After that you make her an engagement ring with your pliers and soldering iron or buy her a wooden one and place it on her finger; again, if she plays insulted, GREAT!, you've just found out she's a materialistic bitch and be glad to walk away from that crap, because it is sure to continue forever after the wedding.

Just take a hint my young friend:



Ugh said at February 21, 2016 7:33 AM:

I lived a 'yeeesss dear' existence for decades and watched my marriage and family collapse. It was what I thought they and society wanted, meek men who made no demands and handed over their money and their responsibilities. It wasn't until I grew a pair and took charge (which included kicking my wife of 20 years out of the house) when things turned around - in a big way. What my family and my marriage needed was me being an effing man. My marriage is better than ever and my kids are more and more successful everyday.

What they needed was someone who made demands of them, but in a fair and yes, loving way. I took control of my money too. No more letting anyone walk all over me - I'm no longer a door mat. It doesn't mean being an asshole or a dictator either, but it means there are strings attached - nothing is open ended.

Men of Europe and America need to stop bending over. When it comes to women - they want a man, a real man, despite what they say or think they want. They want someone to take charge and yes, tell them what's what as long as it is done with respect and with grace. The red pill guys are on to something - but they are over the top. I'd say if you stake a middle ground between the Red Pill guys and the Promise Keepers you'd be just about right.

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