2016 January 18 Monday
Elite Donor And Media Gatekeeper Function Weakening

Startup Boy on the 2016 Presidential election and surge of dissident candidates:

The elites lock the crown behind two massive gates – it costs a billion dollars to run for president. And incalculable, favorable mass media exposure.

This works well – so well that the elites get lazy, handing off presidential power within dynasties – between fathers and sons, husbands and wives.

Statistically speaking, what are the odds that the two most qualified candidates to be president out of 300 million people are siblings? Or married?

Great question. This is what makes the elite preferred choices for 2016 so insulting. They can't even be bothered to rotate the job thru other families. What is this? Argentina?

Startup Boy says look, the hold is weakening.

Bernie spends a bit on ads. Trump doesn’t bother.

It’s not just publishing – the Internet lets anyone donate little bits online. Bernie taps the crowd – over a million dollars a day from small donors! Again, Trump doesn’t bother. He just self-finances.

The mass media barrier is down. The money barrier is down.

A mob is pushing Bernie. Trump is pulling one behind him.

The elites are livid. They sneer at the masses – Uneducated. Socialist. Racist. Luddite.

The elites are worried. Facebook and Twitter silence dissident voices. Popehat says they have a right to do it but Twitter lies motive.

Nevertheless, I do fault Twitter for is its hypocrisy and its outright lies about what it claims that it is doing. Twitter is not at all interested in making Twitter a "nicer" place, nor promoting more constructive discourse. Twitter is taking a side in the culture wars, and it has chosen that it will be the destination of choice for the "social justice warriors" echo chamber.

First point: I agree that Twitter is taking sides. But how severely? The answer is very important because it bounds what we can do about it. It might be taking sides only enough to give SJWs an advantage without doing it so flagrantly that it creates sufficient demand for a more open competitor.

If Twitter was to heavily lean left in its censoring then a competitor could spring up and meet an unmet need. But even then we'd run the risk that the competitor would be like Fox News, which attracts the American Right but represents elite interests and doesn't cover issues it doesn't want the right wing base to think about.

The internet has improved the ability of dissident voices to be heard. But I'm not discounting the elite establishment's ability to consolidate big social media sites thru mergers and editorial control and get us back so something not too far from the old status quo. It won't be like in China where the government lays out the censoring rules. But it'll still be done by the elite. So it is not clear that the weakening hold of the gatekeepers is permanent.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2016 January 18 04:36 PM 

Matt@occidentalism.org said at January 18, 2016 9:56 PM:

Or Twitter could just clamp down and certain times and prevent certain memes from trending . That is the Facebook strategy.

chris said at January 21, 2016 11:47 AM:

28 y.o Iranian immigrant pushes 20 y.o German girl to her death in front of train.


Ukrainians fleeing war in Ukraine denied asylum in Germany. Just not brown enough.


13 year old German girl gang raped for 30 hours by "foreign nationals"


idiocracy abides said at January 24, 2016 5:25 PM:

4 of Twitter's top execs are leaving. rats leaving a sinking ship?

CARLIN said at January 25, 2016 10:11 AM:

I would like to see a different type candidate run for president, even in the way he looks.

A president who has the balls -because now it seems like a very bold thing to do for most American men- to grow a big fucken moustache -or a beard- even if all the muffler-dripping cunt psychologysts chant their "oh he's hiding something" or "oh he looks like Stalin".

A president who's neat and clean looking, yes, but who's not affraid to wear jeans to work.

A president who shows the people, specially men, how to be a little more manly so as to get rid of certain idiosyncrasies like that non-written nationally spread rule of cutely parting his hair sideways while combing just like a little schoolboy does, because his mommy combed him that way. Andrew Jackson look quite manly, didn't he?

A president who's not affraid to sit placing his right ankle on his right knee, like a non-emasculated alpha male. Putin ain't affraid of that.

A president who can walk like a man, not like the third class golf-playing cowboy Bush with his ass raised as if he'd just walked out of a Turkish prison.

A president who's able to tell the first lady, "look bitch, you're gonna stay in the house looking after our children, simply because it was me the people elected president". A president who can keep his family life in private, like Putin.

A president president who's is illustrated, but who's not affraid to bare his chest and dive in lake, shoot some hoops, kick a soccer ball or shovel some sand without looking as if he's going to come apart; maybe like Putin.

A tempered alpha-male president who knows that he doesn't have to yell like Donald Trump, but who gets blown by his secretary and doesn't feel he has to apologize even if all the women play "ofended" in order to hide how horny they are.

A president who's fresher and closer to the people. Even dumb looking Frankie the Pope rides the bus and just says hello to people.

CARLIN said at January 25, 2016 10:15 AM:

"A president who's not affraid to sit placing his right ankle on his right knee, like a non-emasculated alpha male. Putin ain't affraid of that."

A president who's not affraid to sit placing his right ankle on his LEFT knee, that is! HA!

Seth W. said at January 26, 2016 2:59 PM:

Who knows, maybe a Socialist president wouldn't be such a bad idea after all. I would've never thought I'd say it, but I'm now in favor of more equality. Guessed I've changed somehow. We all do at a point.

guest said at January 29, 2016 6:29 AM:

I'm surprised that there is no viable twitter alternative yet.
not because of politics, but because of the underlying design.

It's almost unbelievable how bloated twitter itself is
you would think a site serving plain text would be fast...

And the web is certainly getting worse, to quote Sean Malstrom:

"Social Media is the ‘consolization’ of the Internet. You have Facebook Console, Twitter Console, Instagram Console, and the ‘normal Internet’ is the glorious PC Master Race. Stop playing around on their platforms. Your cat photos deserve better."

Seth: Whatever happened to better dead than red?

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