2015 December 13 Sunday
Trump Does Not Need Media Support Or Help

David Roberts says the media don't like Trump because he does not need them.

Their trepidation has less to do with the fact of Trump lying than with the way he lies. They don't mind being properly lied to; it's all part of the game. What they cannot countenance is being rendered irrelevant. Trump is not kissing the ring. He barely bothers to spin the media. He does not need them, or give two shits what centrist pundits think. Their disapproval only strengthens him. Media gatekeepers are in danger of being exposed as impotent bystanders.

This is an article written from the Left. Roberts goes on to argue there is more lying emanating from the Right than the Left. That's hard to tell. Why: It is hard to tell whether tabula rasa Leftists believe what they say. Maybe they do. In that case they aren't lying but spew out a very high mix of inaccuracies. The Left is, relatively speaking, more detached from reality At least on the Right some dissident factions are clearly truth seekers and discussing reality. But the Left promotes a secular religion based on a mythology about human nature that is divorced from what we know about real humans.

Parenthetically, I am very curious to see how the Left handles the discoveries that are coming about human nature over the next 10 years. Some really big discoveries are in store because the cost of DNA sequencing has plunged orders of magnitude, putting a great many discoveries about cogntive function and genes within reach. What Judith Rich Harris explains in The Nurture Assumption will be demonstrated at the level of DNA sequences.

Another analysis of Trump from the Left by Jay Rosen. Along the way Rosen offers an explanation for why the press and campaign advisers all think the same way: “Institutional isomorphism”. They want to be able to move around to different organizations in their careers and so they all say similar things. Of course this makes the MSM and even Republican campaign consultants left-thinkers. What's great about Trump is that he doesn't need to make a career in politics or to hire mainstream campaign consultants or former reporters. If we had another dozen people in public life who were independent of the group think of the press our public debates would be a lot more real and we'd get a lot less group think propaganda.

If you are trying to figure out how Trump is managing to do so well then Dilbert creator Scott Adams has written some great stuff on the man Adams calls the Master Wizard and Master Persuader.

My sense of it is that the left-leaning media are now all in a big group think trying to figure out how to stop Trump. They would love to stick us with Hillary Rodham Clinton. Can a few of them get clever enough to find ways to neutralize his strengths? That's the thing to watch in the coming innings of this game.

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bob sykes said at December 14, 2015 5:47 AM:

Some advanced leftists are now denying that DNA has anything to do with human biology, e.g., possession of a Y chromosome does not a male make. Future discoveries will have no impact on their beliefs

Jamie_NYC said at December 16, 2015 4:55 PM:

"I am very curious to see how the Left handles the discoveries that are coming about human nature over the next 10 years" - Sorry to disappoint you, but we already have a lot of scientific facts that explain the social trends we see, and they are successfully ignored by the Left. Case in point: difference in std. dev. of IQ between men and women within the same population neatly explains relative lack of women among the highest achievers and also why there are fewer girls in the special education classes (not that anyone is asking for an explanation of the second fact). This has been known for about as long as IQ tests existed. Larry Summers tried obliquely to refer to this fact and got shouted down, then had to resign. #hatefacts

Mike Street Station said at December 17, 2015 6:27 AM:

Trump may not need the media, but he does make good use of them. Trump is on TV constantly, whether it's interviews with cable or the Sunday shows, or call in interviews and late night TV. He's all over the place. How often have you seen Hillary? She comes out once a week maybe, then scurries back to her hidey hole.

Brett Bellmore said at December 17, 2015 7:20 AM:

That's because she's got this problem: The more people are exposed to her, the less they like her. This is going to be a real problem in the general election; She won't be able to coast to a victory just on Democrats automatically voting for anybody who runs as a Democrat, she'll need to persuade at least some people outside her automatic base that she'd be a good President.

Still yet to be seen is whether she can orchestrate enough attacks on the eventual Republican nominee to win on that guaranteed base.

James Bowery said at December 17, 2015 9:53 PM:

The left leaning media's go-to "genius" is Nate Silver and Nate Silver is clueless about how to win the white working class vote. They're intellectually impotent against Trump. Of course, in reality, they're intellectually _castrated_ by the social sciences -- but that doesn't stop their theocracy.

Colmner said at December 18, 2015 3:01 PM:

Do you really think he doesn't need the media? He makes it look that way precisely as a part of his coaching provided by who? the media. The media keeps giving him all these time on tv, magazines and newspapers and now we're wasting time talking about him. Nobody really interested in being the president can disregard or ignore the press. He'd never make it and I'm willing to bet anything.

Whenever -or if- the media really ignores him he's gonna lose his big-shot rambo talk and raised-ass walk. He ain't worth a minute of our time. He's only a distraction for the masses. He won't be president and he knows it, because he is just another pawn on the gameboard, a make-believe game called "elections", a game less people believe in anymore. He ain't worth the talk but if you wanna make him stronger, just keep posting articles about him. Give him the importance he lacks and even he'll start believing the whole charade. Heck, even dingleberries like Justin Beaver, Miley Cyrus, Tiger Woods or Michael Jackson grew up in popularity to ridiculous levels even as we realize we invest too much time even thinking about them. I don't even hate Dullald Thump. He just bores me. I just change the channel or hit the mute button whenever he pops up.

Bob said at December 19, 2015 12:10 PM:

It seems to me that Trump has needed the media. He's been dominating media coverage for the past 6 months which has boosted and spread his message and personality.

The left leaning media has basically unwittingly helped him by covering him so extensively.

Brett Bellmore said at December 19, 2015 12:35 PM:

Of course Trump needs the media. The media's problem is that they need him.

Take Sanders; The media can get by just fine "disappearing" him, making him an unperson. He really hasn't got the resources to circumvent their uncoverage, and it's not like he's the front runner, who refusing to cover would be hideously conspicuous. He's 'just' the second place candidate, and running directly against the anointed. They might actually get in trouble if the DID give him a fair break.

Trump has the resources to get his message out even if the media don't want it to get out. (And they don't!) And he's the front runner; They can kind of get away with distorted, dishonest coverage of a front runner, it's not like they have much credibility to lose at this point. But they can't get away with refusing to cover the front runner, that just wouldn't fly. Do that and they'd cease being a factor at all.

And since he can get his message out, and they purely hate it, the best they can do is report the heck out of it, but dishonestly, in the hope they can drown out what he's actually saying. Only it's not really working.

This all stems from a big mistake they made early on. They pegged Trump as a David Duke type character, the sort of guy who was saying things sufficiently horrible that he had no risk of catching on, so they'd give maximal coverage to discredit the party he claimed to be a member of. Too late they realized that, while THEY though he was saying horrible things, the public actually agreed with what he was saying, and found his willingness to say it refreshing. By the time they figured this out, it was too late to disappear him, he was already the front runner, and known to be that.

The wages of becoming terribly out of touch with public opinion. You have to have at least some notion what public opinion really is, to do a good job of manipulating it.

Snouck said at December 20, 2015 2:20 PM:

It is like Pim Fortuyn in The Netherlands in 2000. He also spoke the unspeakable and defied the press. The political-media complex were amazed by how little power they suddenly had.

Mind you, it is amazing how quickly and how slowly things went from there. Fortuyn was assasinated. Afterwards Mr. Geert Wilders rose to prominence. In the polls his Freedom Party is now the biggest. Policy wise not much has changed since 1999. The number of muslim immigrants to The Netherlands is slightly higher in 2015 than in the mid 90ies.

My prediction: Trump will be assasinated by a leftist. He will be followed by a new populist, because the internal contradictions in the liberal world view plus the stresses caused by the shrinking of the middle class will create a considerable new political movement rightwards ( perhaps to a lesser extend also leftwards) of the present middle.



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