2015 November 21 Saturday
Most Americans Feel Like Strangers In Their Own Country

The people are more honest about their declining positions and political marginalization than I would have expected.

More than half of Americans, 53 percent, say they “feel like a stranger” in their own country.

The growing list of counties where median wage has peaked is a signal that the interests and fortunes of the upper classes have pretty well detached from those of the middle class. I expect this trend to continue. I also expect the use of racial preferences by the Democrats to grow due to demographic changes. This will deepen the split.

We are becoming a low trust society. Diversity is fueling that distrust. And yet our elites want more of it, even in a way that boosts risk of terrorism.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2015 November 21 08:30 PM 

WJ said at November 26, 2015 7:18 AM:

Attitudes about immigration seem to be racing to the right. When even Swedish leftists are basically acknowledging (without apology, of course) that they royally fucked up (mostly only because they'll be clobbered in the next elections if they don't), you know the immigration realists are on a tear.

Elections in Austria and Poland have shifted far to the right. Canada shifted to the left, but they'll be moving rightward soon enough, after they've had a few years of that clown Trudeau. French elections are approaching, and it's a good bet they'll shift rightward, as well. In a year or so the British will hold a referendum on their relationship with the EU, and there's a good chance they'll opt to leave.

People do eventually regain their wits. Hopefully it will be before it's too late. Barring mass deportations of Islamic populations and illegal immigrants, it probably is too late. It may be a few decades, but I think mass deportation will eventually gain traction.

My hope for the US is a bit better. If we restrict immigration I think we'll eventually assimilate most Asians and Hispanics, for better and for worse. But a major tightening of immigration numbers is essential for that to happen. Blacks will still be blacks, but their economic position will be drastically eroded by the declining need for unskilled labor and by reducing welfare benefits. Reducing welfare will be necessary but it won't be pretty.

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