2015 November 21 Saturday
Why Milo/Nero Opposes Muslim Immigration

Milo Yiannopoulos explains why as a gay man he's terrified of Muslim immigration.

The Left’s wilful, suicidal ignorance about Muslim culture is at odds with virtually every one of their cherished social justice prescriptions. They look for sexism in “mansplaining” and flirtatious remarks, yet turn a blind eye to a culture where the only acceptable role for women is head-scarfed housewife.

They see intolerance in Halloween costumes, yet ignore the regular atrocities of cultures that mass-murder each other over regional, tribal, and sectarian differences. They think conservatives who disagree with their definition of gay marriage to be bigots worthy of social ostracism, yet welcome into their midst a culture that wants to execute queers like me.

Angela Merkel supports bringing in people with low levels of religious tolerance. Death for apostasy has double digit percentage support throughout the Middle East.

Taking the life of those who abandon Islam is most widely supported in Egypt (86%) and Jordan (82%). Roughly two-thirds who want sharia to be the law of the land also back this penalty in the Palestinian territories (66%). In the other countries surveyed in the Middle East-North Africa region, fewer than half take this view.

I'm really opposed to letting people into the West who enemies of our values.

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Share |      By Randall Parker at 2015 November 21 07:09 PM 

Brett Bellmore said at November 22, 2015 4:51 AM:

I tried explaining on a liberal blog that, even if you assumed none of the migrants were terrorists, you were looking at importing people from a culture where "moderates" held views that would turn the average ACLU member's hair white. Couldn't get it across, they wouldn't engage the point.

They're in total denial.

But the thing is, liberals don't worry about the peons sharing their values, because they don't plan on letting the peons have any say in how society is organized. They figure, they just have to get total control for a short while, and then once they're on top, it's game over for democracy. And they're delusionally confident of their ability to dominate a majority who don't share their values.

Heck, given that they've marched through practically every institution in countries that didn't share their values, and control the government even when they don't have the elected representatives, maybe they're not totally irrational.

Hans Vogel said at November 22, 2015 11:03 AM:

I know, it is so true what you say. I'm also opposed to letting people into the West who are enemies of our values particularly presidents and people in high positions in Western governments. I'm right there fully with you man. Furthermore, that was another great reality TV-show, wasn't it? Some 130 dead, and still counting, real tears and emotions by real people, in real time. Bombs, guns, blood, gore, shreds of flesh and bone, gory details. Muslim terrorists (passports conveniently supplied for easy identification), police, terrified citizens, mayhem, chaos. A real opportunity to make a powerful speech, announce some drastic decisions and pose as a real statesman and aspiring war leader. What more could an unpopular president wish for?

Francois Hollande got it all on Friday 13 November, at the very moment he needed it. To make sure the show would proceed well, French police conducted an exercise that very morning, closing borders and stepping up security in Paris. (Please, bear in mind that military exercises coincided with 9/11, 7/7 and even the recent Russian airliner crash over the Sinai Peninsula).

The show was a resounding success: the whole world was watching breathlessly as events unfolded. There was a lot to see: chaos and suspense at the football stadium, where Hollande himself was watching the game, but fortunately, the fragmentation bomb did not go off. Suspense also at the Bataclan Theater, where awful things happened. Pure horror! The kind of horror, for instance, recently unleashed by the US on a hospital of Doctors Without Borders in distant Afghanistan. But, lo and behold, here you could almost see the horror directly on your screen. And in Paris the horror was not a "mistake" as the Obama regime would have us believe.

And there was more: drive by shootings in several streets and avenues. Sort of like being bombed from the air, but in a more horizontal way. The kind of thing Syrians, Yemenites, Iraqis, Libyans, Afghans, and Palestinians are used to because it happens to them quite regularly. It seemed as if war had come to the very doorstep of Parisians. A kind of Charlie Hebdo show, but even bloodier and more elaborate. A kind of French 9/11, as correctly predicted by Paris-Match on 2 October. Some say it was also predicted last January by The Economist on its cover replete with weird symbolism. Even more uncanny is the tweet (11 November) by @PZbooks (PZFeed Ebooks), an account that was subsequently blocked by Twitter. The tweet read: "BREAKING: Death toll from Paris terror attack rises to at least 120 with at least 270 injured." Moreover, French security actually knew the identities of the perpetrators before the attacks took place, yet did nothing to prevent them.

No doubt that is why, within minutes, TV reporters and radio reporters, police and security services knew it was ISIS operatives from Syria and Iraq! As if to underscore how right they were, a Syrian passport was found near the blown apart remains of one of the terrorists. The poor guy must have been a law abiding citizen at heart because he was carrying a proper ID (you never know how it comes in handy). And then all of a sudden, the passport is declared to be a fake. To tell you the truth, the entire Paris terror show was a fake, a false flag, a staged event, a Punch and Judy show, pure theater, a hoax. But a show with real victims. Like the circus games in the Roman Empire, all show, with real blood and gore. The only difference being that back then, there was no TV and no internet.

The main question concerning the recent Paris events thus becomes: why would the French government organize a terror event and kill dozens of its own citizens?
The answer is right there in front of you: in the first place, to regain popularity and avoid a defeat at the upcoming regional elections. National Front leader Marine Le Pen, running on a platform of anti-immigration, anti-Islam policies, was far ahead in the polls. Now that President Francois Hollande has hijacked her program, Le Pen's victory is no longer assured, to say the least. And in order to make it even harder for her to win, Hollande is seeking to extend the state of emergency (martial law) in France, declared in the wake of the Paris events. That will surely influence the election outcome.

Secondly, the Paris events created the justification for France to renew its bombing campaign in its former colony of Syria, in clear violation of international law.
Third, now that the illegal sanctions (in violation of WTO rules) against Russia are causing widespread misery and desperation among French farmers and other exporters, Hollande can use the Paris events to divert attention and to continue his domestic policies of divide and rule. No better instrument than to create an "Islamic" terror event. This will make many Frenchmen fear and hate the millions of Muslims in their midst. And the government then whips up this anxiety and hate by repeating over and over again that Muslims are OK but that the extremists among them are not. There is no better way to increase distrust and hatred than this kind of double talk.

The question remains as to when and where we will see the next episode of the Prime Time Terror Show. Will it be France? Germany? The Netherlands? Belgium? Sweden? Or will it be the US that needs another 9/11 show to establish a police state?

Jim said at November 22, 2015 2:01 PM:

Hans Vogel - You're bat-shit crazy.

Brett Bellmore said at November 22, 2015 3:49 PM:

Some people just can't accept that folks outside the West are capable of acting on their own initiative. I think it's a horrible insult to the rest of the world, to deny their agency this way.

Why doubt that Islamic terrorists would do something like that, when they're doing the same or worse all across the Middle East? Do you think ISIS is a fake, generated by a compliant media? Maybe you think Israel is launching those rockets into it's own territory, too?

Yup, bat-shit crazy.

Randall Parker said at November 22, 2015 8:16 PM:

I think "Hans Vogel" and "Check it out" are either the same people or friends. I don't think "Hans Vogel" is the guy's real name. I can't tell if "Check it out" gets his friends to drop by or decides to let his real beliefs come out under other pseudonyms.

CamelCaseRob said at November 23, 2015 8:41 AM:

What are "Western Values"? Do we have any anymore? What used to be our values -- do the elite who rule us believe in those?

CamelCaseRob said at November 23, 2015 8:41 AM:

What are "Western Values"? Do we have any anymore? What used to be our values -- do the elite who rule us believe in those?

Dain said at November 23, 2015 10:51 AM:

This guy sounds like a righty version of Jamie Kirchick, who also expressed confusion with the left's current taxonomy of the oppressed: http://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-news-and-politics/189030/victimhood-olympics

Dain said at November 23, 2015 10:52 AM:

This guy's piece reads like a blunt version of what Jamie Kirchick is saying here: http://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-news-and-politics/189030/victimhood-olympics

Worth a read.

tanabear said at November 23, 2015 9:09 PM:

Brett Bellmore: "They're in total denial."

No, they understand exactly what they are doing. Conservatives don't seem to have good understanding of modern day "liberals". The most important thing to understand is that they are not "liberals" at all. That word is a relic of a bygone era. People who are called liberals today are nothing more than a hate-America cult. Yes, a cult; the same as Jim Jones, the same as the Manson family etc. Trust me modern day "liberals" don't know the first thing about the writings of Edward Bellamy, Georges Sorel or Henry George. It is pure hatred of America, Christianity, white people, traditional morality etc. Whatever it takes to erode the traditional American nation they will support, whether it be gay marriage or Muslim fanaticism. The fact that the latter might not be "progressive" is not important because neither are "liberals". They just hate America root and branch.

p.s. Think back to the Second Punic War between the Romans and Carthaginians if you want a historical parallel for what is happening today. The difference is that Rome understood their enemy, modern-day Americans do not.

Check it out said at November 25, 2015 5:18 PM:

Randy, Randy- Why oh why Randall do you continue to be governed by the animal propensity to dogmatic conclusions? Can't you see a rather different style in writing? And I have to admit this Vogel writes better than I, and much better than you, I must add. And I very much second what he wrote, just so you and the other tight butt holes here like Jim and Brett know.

Let's suppose for a minute that what you say is true. What of it? What new knowledge or insight have you provided with your silly statement against me? or him? Now, Vogel doesn't seem to be insulting you at all, or anybody else in here, does he? Unlike me, of course. I insult and sometimes more than I probably should, but simply because I've been insulted first by the bunch of fucken low-life cunts. I call him -Vogel- a "he" bacause his name seems to be Hans, but I can only assume. Nevertheless assuming on things like those you assume on is childish and irrelevant, just like you: childish and irrelevant. Do you actually believe in the fucken teapot orbiting around the sun because nobody can disprove it?

Randall you are a dogmatic believer. I've said it many times, but you still have your head up your ass. You've already mention shit like that, when you compare me to or assume I'm anybody who writes something you don't like. So please tell us here, who else am I, according to your psychic mental powers??? Wolf-Dog? John Milton, TangoMan, John, Seth, Chris, Brett? Who? Who else?

Are you really projecting yourself Randy? Is that really you when I get some of the insluting repplies? Is that you, naughty, naughty boy? Well, who the fuck knows, and who the fuck cares...

But that doesn't mean I will put up with your pussy attempt to censor me. Got you there, huh? I will continue to write and give my ideas, you ain't gonna silence me and neither are those stinky cunts Jim and Brett and some others here. I'll go back to respecting you but-wipes when you disprove me -and all those other posts from all those other smart folks- with real argumentation and ideas. So Jim and Brett can at this point go and call their fat-ass, stinky-bitch mothers "bat crazy"

Hans Vogel, Colmner, Milton, myself and some others here have written with ideas, not just the kind of short kiddy insults you used to use back in elementary school. Are you a homosexual Randy? Well, I'm not, so when you address me face the ideas with ideas. Are you up to it fucker? No, probably not.

Ugh said at November 25, 2015 6:18 PM:

@tanabear said "People who are called liberals today are nothing more than a hate-America cult. Yes, a cult;" exactly!!! And their Jim Jones is none other than Barack Obama. The man has never said anything remotely pro-American. If he has he immediately qualifies it with a perceived short coming of America's past or dominant culture. He has never ever shied away from defending Islam, while flat out ignoring atrocities perpetrated on Christians. Now that he has nothing to fear as far as re-election he will ramp up the hate-America rhetoric to new levels. Even his adoring media is actually starting to notice (in whispers).

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