2015 November 21 Saturday
The Terrorist Threat Could Be Slashed Quickly

Check out a dozen people and policies who whose omissions and commissions have helped make Molenbeek a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists. The Schengen zone for open movement of people is listed as one of the causes. They left out weak external border controls.

The most important thing to understand about the Islamic terrorist threat in Europe: It could be very rapidly and greatly reduced. How? Get rid of the jihadists in Europe. First, stop The Camp Of The Saints migration wave. Then deport the known 5000+ jihadists known to security services in France and some thousands more known jihadists in other European countries. My guess is that about 30,000 deportations would slash the risk of terrorist attacks by at least an order of magnitude and probably much more. Thousands of lives would be saved.

Additional steps would help. For example, the mosque preachers who deliver messages that create the fundamentalist mindset would need to be deported too to reduce the local production of new jihadists. Also, radicals getting deported could be offered money to identify other closet radicals. Also, siblings could be offered citizenship buyouts. Also, criminals in radical neighborhoods convicted of crimes could be given the option of deportation with a cash award. This would reduce the supply of people who are at much greater risk of Islamic radicalism.

The biggest problem with the terrorists is the circumscribed list of options that liberals are willing to use to deal with them. Expand beyond that circumscribed list (in other phrasing, expand the Overton Window) and it quickly becomes very easy to solve the problem. Stay within the liberal play list and the problem can only get worse.

For many problems we face today options that solve them are not allowed. Why is that? Will the rise of internet forums of discussion which are not controlled by the mainstream media gate keepers cause a large enough shift in public opinion and a large enough organized grassroots expression of anger that growing problems will be fixed?

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2015 November 21 02:51 PM 

Johnb said at November 23, 2015 8:51 AM:

Look, anti-racism is a code word for anti-white. Anti-racism is code for genocide against whites, that's all. That's the be all and end all of everything. Muslim terrorists are in Europe because Muslims invaders are in Europe. Anti-liberal Muslims are invited to invade Europe because the extermination of whites trumps all other values of leftist/non-white coalition that controls the West. Point blank acknowledgement and action on the real cause of Islamic terrorism in the West - genocidal racism against whites - is the only real solution. Anything else is just a Dane-geld designed to postpone the inevitable. No, it's worse: any crackdown on burqas or Muslim terrorists without addressing the root cause of racist colonialism against Europe is designed to further that root cause. As that gay piece above points out, anti-terrorism won't protect you when you're a hated minority in your own homeland, and these "crackdowns" are designed to sell the continuing invasion to the victims of that invasion.

WJ said at November 26, 2015 7:26 AM:

I don't think deporting a handful of jihadists will work. Those jihadists were raised within a culture that simmers with resentment towards white, native Europeans. They get those attitudes from somewhere.

At minimum you'll have to punish entire families, and even extended families. Revoke welfare benefits or deport parents, children, spouses, and siblings (and their families) of terrorists. No welfare benefits for immigrants, ever, no matter how long they've lived in your country. Cut off all Muslim immigration. No citizenship for Muslims who aren't already citizens, and no permanent residency status for Muslims who aren't already permanent residents.

That culture needs to be put on notice that their behavior is not acceptable, and the problems with it go far beyond terrorism.

Engineer-Poet said at November 27, 2015 4:52 AM:

The attitude comes from the mosque.  Deport all current and recent members.

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