2015 November 07 Saturday
Thilo Sarrazin Says Migration Wave Into Europe Easily Stoppable

If our elites want something one of the ways they argue for it is to pretend there is no way to prevent it (e.g. massive immigration). Some are lying. Others are useful idiots for the liars. Some times the unpreventable could be prevented extremely easily and some prominent figure who is willing to admit the emperor has no clothes stands up and says so. In the case of the large and growing migrants waves flooding into Europe the guy saying the emperor has no clothes is German politician Thilo Sarrazin.

Die Zeit: So what would you do?

Thilo Sarrazin: I would capture every ship. Even if it were a not merchant ship, I would set its passengers ashore at the exact spot on the African coast where they started and destroy the boat. You may be sure — after six weeks, no more of them would start out and there will be no more boat refugees.

He's right. He points to the British naval blockade of Germany in WWI using technology of 100 years ago as an argument for how easy it would be. Today the Europeans could use large numbers of cheap drones to sweep across bodies of water. It would not be hard at all.

Sarrazin says the media cows people into silence.

Die Zeit: Do you believe that a majority would support the policy you describe? Germans’ willingness to help speaks against that.

Thilo Sarrazin: I believe that a powerful, opinionated pressure on this question has been created by the emotional and completely one-sided reporting of the media, above all television. I have the impression that most people no longer have the self-confidence to express their feared and opinions. I can only say one thing: There is a great, unexpressed rage and a very great frustration which is by no means limited to Saxony.

Its not limited to Germany either.

This problem is going to escalate. If the Europeans do not do as Sarrazin suggests the rate of migration will go up by an order of magnitude and then by another order of magnitude. Hundreds of thousands of people per day is certainly possible given the billions of people who would like to move from poorer to richer countries. Even the New York Times admits the mass migration crisis can get much worse.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2015 November 07 12:17 PM 

Brett Bellmore said at November 7, 2015 1:18 PM:

"If our elites want something one of the ways they argue for it is to pretend there is no way to prevent it"

Bingo, and illegal immigration is the biggest example of this. It's always impossible to do what you don't want to do in the first place.

James Bowery said at November 7, 2015 8:25 PM:

Freedom of expression is worthless if you can't practically vote with your feet and live somewhere among people who share your social theory. If the media were to talk about _that_ as much as they talk about the wonders of genocidal social theories, they might not deserve to be carpet bombed.

Wolf-Dog said at November 8, 2015 1:04 AM:

This YouTube video is from Germany. In this video a Muslim who appears to be extremely fluent in German (probably born there) threatens the non-Muslim Germans and explains that with the supercharged Islamic demographics Sharia will be imposed in Europe.


And he is not bluffing because not only the incoming immigrants are likely to increase every year, but the native non-Muslim Europeans have lower birth rate than Muslims, and a lot of native non-Muslim Europeans are actually emigrating. During the second half of this century hell will break loose in Europe.

Brett Bellmore said at November 8, 2015 7:03 AM:

I'm not at all sure that it will wait on the second half of the century. The critical mass for Muslims trying to explicitly take over a society is a lot less than the democratic 51%; Dearborn, Michigan runs only 30% Muslim, and you get stonings of Christian protesters, and official attempts at imposing Islamic curfews.

I think any attempt to halt the invasion is likely to trigger immediate violence. A disturbing number of the 'immigrants' have just vanished on arrival. I'm expecting the terrorism rate in Europe to skyrocket in the next couple of years, and to particularly target any organized group that comes out in favor of doing anything about the invasion. They'll set out to convince those in power that just giving up and letting Muslims take over is the safest course.

That's what it is, after all: An invasion. The actual military phase won't be long in coming.

Wolf-Dog said at November 8, 2015 8:10 AM:

The "military phase" that you are talking about will be when they get weapons of mass destruction in a few decades. Combined with the fifth column that will reach 15-20 % in Europe in a few decades, this will be very interesting.

Wolf-Dog said at November 8, 2015 2:41 PM:

And this article shows how far the politically correct student unions in UK are willing to go in order to censor any criticism of their agenda of supporting religious tyranny:


But the following article has the overload statement: the Swedish journalist hates the right wing so much that he would rather give his country to ISIS, as he wrote officially in his article:


He should be careful about what he wishes because he might get it.

Wolf-Dog said at November 8, 2015 2:45 PM:

Sorry, the link to the first article above was incomplete. Here it is again:


Wolf-Dog said at November 8, 2015 3:20 PM:

Here is an interesting documentary about the small-scale Jihad invasion of Iceland and Ireland 400 years ago. They captured a number of slaves:


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