2015 October 17 Saturday
Tom Wolfe's Career And Development

Good story in Vanity Fair: How Tom Wolfe Became Tom Wolfe. Tom Wolfe has highlighted to us the importance of status-seeking as a driver of human activity and human accomplishment. Since so much harmful activities by our intellectuals and political elites is a consequence of status seeking it is important to understand the pervasiveness of status seeking and its pathological manifestations.

I disagree with Tom Wolfe about one important point: His belief in inevitability of the juggernaut that is (or was) America. The political divisions are deepening across the political spectrum and between the classes. Immigration is helping that process along mightily. Living standards are stagnating for most and the bottom half are doing poorly. In our future robotic nation most people won't have an economic purpose.

The role of our elites in all this is definitely pathological. They reject the most predictive social science in educational policy, labor policy, immigration policy, and in trade policy. Will the status seekers in the public realm ever shift back to more constructive pursuits?

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