2015 October 09 Friday
More Workers Stuck In Minimum Wage Jobs For Years

See Ben Casselman's Itís Getting Harder To Move Beyond A Minimum-Wage Job:

During the strong labor market of the mid-1990s, only 1 in 5 minimum-wage workers was still earning minimum wage a year later. Today, that number is nearly 1 in 3, according to my analysis of government survey data.

It is even worse than that short excerpt suggests. Read the whole thing.

Recall my recent post: When Each US County Hit Peak Median Income. If you aren't in upper ranks of skilled workers then you are facing a stagnant or declining living standard. At the lowest skill levels over half the population isn't working. As automation eliminates more blue collar work I expect more to slide down to minimum wage or no employment.

I have advice for anyone smart enough to develop a skill and motivated enough to sidestep the automation technologies that are gutting various occupations: Get yourself longer lasting skills in a cognitively demanding occupation. Need to start small? Check out Udacity nanodegrees for commercially useful skill sets.

Anyone complacent about this? The need to plan your career and develop skills to keep you competitive has never been greater. It will be greater still as robots wipe out more categories of jobs.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2015 October 09 04:11 PM 

Wolf-Dog said at October 10, 2015 7:02 AM:

"More Workers Stuck In Minimum Wage Jobs For Years"


Of course, this argument is about the United States, which has an annual trade deficit as a percentage of the GDP of 3 % or more in average since 2000.
For instance, in China the wages of workers is increasing instead of declining, thanks to our trade deficit that is their trade surplus.
That's why the Republican candidates will have a chance to win in 2016.

jack-arcalon.livejournal.com said at October 15, 2015 12:38 PM:

Truly a dark future for many, the way things are going.
Seems like even minimum wage occupations may start requiring occupational degrees, as employers can have their pick of desperate applicants.

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