2015 September 27 Sunday
5 Education Policy Proposals By Education Realist

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To give you a sense of what you are in for and how badly government has messed up schools: Education Policy Proposal #2: Stop Kneecapping High Schools

Our national education policy has led to an absurd paradox: colleges charge students full freight tuition for a suite of remedial classes that high schools are effectively banned from offering for free.

The ban is most noticeable in math. Some examples: In 1997, Chicago Public Schools wanted all freshmen to take algebra, so all remedial and pre-algebra classes were dumped., giving students and their counsellors no other options. A decade ago, Madison, Wisconsin did the same thing. California effectively banned pre-algebra in high school by docking test scores of students who weren’t taking algebra in 8th grade (drop one score category) or, god forbid, 9th grade (drop two score categories).

It boggles the mind. So a 90 IQ kid who is never ever going to understand algebra shows up in freshman year of high school and gets put in a class they have no chance of passing. There is no easier to class for them. They won't be taught useful skills they can actually understand. Gotta take Algebra I. This is what left-liberalism has degenerated to. This is what passes for progressive educational thinking in America in 2015. How utterly intellectually bankrupt.

At some point in the next 10 years the whole intellectual edifice of liberal doctrine collapses as scientists develop a much better understanding of how genes control the brain's development and determine its capabilities and tendencies. I'm really looking forward to that collapse. But before that happens we have to watch The Camp Of The Saints in reality. Tragic.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2015 September 27 07:31 PM 

Seth W. said at September 28, 2015 4:52 PM:

"This is what left-liberalism has degenerated to."

Why are you so prone at tagging the blame on a group? As if everybody in a group were the same. What's wrong with you Randall? Why are you so full of such hate?

Why Randall, please explain why are you so sure that this is a degeneration of left-liberalism? There's no evidence on what you say, instead quite the opposite, the countries with the higher standards in education are left oriented. Haven't you noticed?

Like I said in the previous post, one would expect you to be serious before posting any message. At least to organise your own ideas and see if there's even a hint of truth in them. Show a little more restraint and moderation of emotions Randall. And more responsibility for what you say. A lot of what you write seems like incitation. Who do you work for?

Citizen of a Silly Country said at September 29, 2015 7:00 AM:

I think that you are being overly optimistic about our understanding of DNA and intelligence. I agree that scientists will bit by bit unravel the connection between our DNA and intelligence, but it could take a while. Also, even after evidence is uncovered, you'll have a decade or two of denial, a decade or two of explanations why it doesn't matter and, finally, capitulation.

I'd say that we're at least 30 years away, probably closer to 50 years away before we have the evidence and it's accepted.

chris said at September 30, 2015 1:20 AM:

Why don't people in the right-o-sphere, mano-sphere start politically organising to take power away from the SJW's?

A simple example, start a trust that petitions the right leaning public to take shares in it and the trust is used to buy out shares in mass media companies and then fire left wing journalists and media executives?

Brett Bellmore said at September 30, 2015 3:10 AM:

Essentially because the SJW's are pretty good at taking institutions over. It's about the only thing they ARE good at, but they're good at it. (I think mainly because that's what they devote themselves to, while other people are trying to accomplish other, more productive things.) So, you establish an institution to do something like that, eventually it ends up working for the SJW's. About the only thing that keeps this from happening, is if the institution has some conflicting purpose *which it must achieve to continue existing*. And the reason this stops SJW takeovers is that it pits organizational survival against the SJW's, and if nothing else, when the SJW's take over, the organization fails and gets replaced. The military is an example of this sort of thing. Profit making corporations too small to buy "too big to fail" immunity from market force, too.

In this regard trusts are particularly bad, because they end up with a source of income that doesn't depend on their accomplishing their original goal. The trust world is lousy with originally right-wing trusts that are now devoted to doing things their founders would be horrified by. Subverted trusts like the Ford or Pew foundations are the main funding mechanism for the left these days.

You'd actually achieve the goal of ousting the SJW's more effectively by making sure that every institution had a sunset date, was of finite duration, because it takes a while for them to take things over, and it would really handicap them if every time they started to approach critical mass in an organization, it shut down.

Which brings me to my point:

You can't fix the existing education system, it's completely taken over. What you need to do is create an alternate education system, based on different, achievement principles, and then when it's grown up a bit, abolish the old. Build a new house and burn down the old, rat infested one.

Randall Parker said at September 30, 2015 8:57 PM:

Seth W,

"full of such hate": That's definitely mainstream left-liberal Narrative trope. Gotta work "hate" in there. Think about the people who accuse so many non-progressives of "hate". Why do they do that?

The tabula rasa Blank Slate ideology, coming from the Left, is madness. It is causing schools to treat low IQ kids as if they can go to college and to teach them things they can't understand. This is the abandonment of common sense. This is the rejection of evidence. This is damaging the education of any kid who isn't bright.

Citizen of a Silly Country,

See why I am optimistic. The cost of finding out the truth has dropped by orders of magnitude. Veritas Genetics has just announced $1000 genome sequencing.

The cost of collecting enough data now many orders of magnitude cheaper than it was 20 years ago scientists are going to be able to find the genetic variants for IQ, personality, disease risks, and various physical attributes. The cost is still dropping. The rate of DNA sequencing has gone up by many orders of magnitude and lots of data is getting collected. So I'm optimistic.


The existing school districts are funded by taxes. A parallel new system wouldn't be. Gotta be able to pay tuition yourself if you want your kids to escape.

Seth W. said at October 1, 2015 2:46 PM:

The left or Socialism is not tabula rasa, -although the use of the term makes you feel as if you sounded intelligent-. Tabula rasa means that everybody is treated the same and that is dictatorship. A little like the US of A. Socialism has to do with equal rights and opportunities. EGALITARIAN doesn't mean equal.

If your kid's IQ is too low, it'll show and you'll have to accept that he be kicked out of school if his failure is constant, or that he'd be transferred to a different school, but he should be given the same opportunity that only rich kids now have to enter university. Public education should be gratuitous. But I'm sure you confuse the term gratuitous with "free". I don't know where you get your ideas. Get to know the meaning of words. You don't know anything about what you call "The Left".

Your posts are full of hate Randall just read them again to yourself. You talk of immigrants -refugees or not- as trash, you talk of the people who are politically left-oriented as less intelligent in general terms, you overgeneralize, you talk of people who have had lacks and less opportunities from early childhood as low IQs. No, no, no, Randall try to go a little deeper into issues. Sometimes I crack up at your oversimplistic way of viewing things. You sound like a child sometimes.

Brett Bellmore said at October 1, 2015 4:08 PM:

Tabula rasa refers to the left's assumption that human nature is infinitely malleable, a "blank slate" upon which they can write anything they want. The assumption that E. O. Wilson couldn't have possibly been right about his "Wonderful theory, wrong species." quip, because what sort of species we are has nothing at all to do with what sort of political/economic theories can work.

That's certainly an assumption the left makes.

Seth W. said at October 1, 2015 4:51 PM:

Yeah, yeah, just please don't go out shooting at all those who are left-oriented like me, ok, Brett? or should I say Randall? Who knows, right...? And no, I don't think human nature is infinitely malleable as you assume, and I'm a leftie, so explain that to me. The only assumpiton-filled idiot is you Brett, who is so ready to spit out an a-priory conclussion, pretending to assume what I assume. Are you a religious fanatic? Because your dogmatism certainly shows some bible-belt tied around your head...

"That's certainly an assumption the left makes." Wow!... What the hell is wrong with you man?

Engineer-Poet said at October 1, 2015 5:03 PM:
ok, Brett? or should I say Randall?
This clown is delusional; he purports to think that there couldn't be SEVERAL people who take issue with his position, they must all be sock-puppets.  A fascinating brief study in either abnormal psychology or propaganda techniques ("disqualify").
Randall Parker said at October 1, 2015 8:41 PM:

Seth W.,

The Standard Social Science Model embraced by almost all (overwhelmingly left-wing) academics in social sciences holds that genetics plays very little role in causing differences between humans and social environment causes the bulk of all differences in educational, career, and life achievements. The Tabula Rasa model is pretty close to the same thing. Steven Pinker wrote a book called The Blank Slate criticizing this viewpoint.

This outlook provides the justification of the incredibly stupid educational policies that I criticize and about which I link to above.

So you are offended that as a man of the Left my criticism of the Left implicitly criticizes you. Well, on the Left there are exceptions who reject the tabula rasa model and who think the Left's embrace of this model is doing great harm. But these exceptions are rare and most of them are in the closet about it because they don't want to be attacked for heresy. What does that say about the American Left?

Randall Parker said at October 1, 2015 8:44 PM:


I think Seth W. is someone else we know but posting under a new pseudonym. Or he's a friend of someone else we know. Hint: You might recall my asking previous posters where they are posting from.

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