2015 September 12 Saturday
Europe Can Not Afford The Refugee Immigrants

Remember the recent #Grexit crisis. It isn't over. Greece is not the only sick man of Europe. The most skilled people in Europe aren't making many babies and the populations of skilled people are aging and shrinking. Their governments are in deep financial trouble as this OECD sovereign debt table shows.

This problem will only be made worse by a large influx of people who lack significant intellectual capital. In America those kinds of immigrants make heavy use of the welfare system. Same thing is happening in a Europe which is headed for more sovereign debt crises. The European welfare state can't fund their aging population already. Throw in a lot more welfare recipients, many of whom aren't really compatible with Western liberalism, and you get conditions that are both financial and cultural disasters.

Here is one measure of the financial disaster: The European welfare states spend more per refugee:

International support for countries bearing the greatest refugee burden also makes economic sense: it costs Jordan about 3,000 ($3,350) to support one refugee for a year; in Germany, the cost is at least 12,000.

But of course the heart wants what it wants. The heart thinks it can get what it wants. So increasingly crazier ideas get turned into public policy. We are still in the mass elite delusion period of Western industrialism. So Europe's rulers will continue in their folly.

I believe the delusion period will end. The cracks are starting to show. The intensity of doctrine enforcement is a sign of weakness, not strength. They need to ratchet up enforcement. Scientific advances will eventually cause at least a weakening in the reigning ideology. Heresies will arise. Will a new ideology form? Or will we enter a more rational period?

Update: Obviously a new lower class living off of already overburdened welfare states isn't the only problem the refugees pose for Europe. I see a few other problems. Lets take a look at the future of Germany.

An obvious problem which Angela Merkel seems to willfully ignore: The Mohamed Atta phenomenon. Take a guy who can't make the grade sufficiently well to feel really successful. Atta lost one job by getting replaced by CAD software. How many will get laid off by automation in Europe in the coming years? How about draftsmen, taxis, truck drivers, cooks, and other jobs some Syrians will get in Germany. Then the layoff comes (assuming they get jobs in the first place). Frustration. Feelings of inadequacy. Surrounded by successful members of a different group. Different ethnically, religiously. Resentment. Jealousy. Then stir up a feeling of grievance (SJWs and radical Islamic preachers will help). Islam will channel the grievance. What do you get? Dead terrorist victims. You also get Social Justice Warriors arguing that the victims are to blame for creating a society where the terrorist came to feel so aggrieved and angry and bound for glory.

Then there is the Rotherham grooming problem. You can't expect Leftist governments to protect the natives from the predators. The fail is huge.

Then we come to support for Sharia Law among Muslims living in Europe. Do the Germans want to live under Islamic law? More here. I'm opposed.

So what's playing out in Europe is folly.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2015 September 12 10:40 PM 

bob sykes said at September 13, 2015 5:27 AM:

First, they'll have an old-fashioned race/religious war. What comes after that depends on who wins.

Brett Bellmore said at September 13, 2015 7:04 AM:

A new religion will shortly sweep the globe: The gods of the copybook headings. I believe that what's going to happen is that the policies 'liberal' government is imposing on the West, (Generally in direct opposition to public opinion.) are going to have such horrific consequences in the next 5-10 years, that it will spark a bloody revolt, as society sheds it's parasite load.

Warfare is going to engulf Europe, as the Muslim invaders who are being let in drop the pretense of being refugees, and start on their killing spree. Nuclear weapons will probably be involved. And America won't be exempt, though we're not as far down that road as Europe, we're too far down it to backtrack without a lot of violence.

Afterwards will be a period of more pragmatic and ruthlessly practical governance, before the ensuing period of peace and plenty has the idiot's fingers headed back into the fire.

Black Death said at September 13, 2015 3:44 PM:

But don't say the Saudis aren't helping. They've offered to build two hundred mosques in Germany. I'm sure the Germans will be pleased.

Seth W. said at September 14, 2015 3:05 PM:

"The most skilled people in Europe aren't making many babies and the populations of skilled people are aging and shrinking"

"In America those kinds of immigrants make heavy use of the welfare system."

Many of those immigrants hold degrees and are highly skilled, you know. You'd be surprised at how many illegal and refugee immigrants can very successfully direct the construction of a building or perform an impecable apendicitis surgery on you.

These immigrants are the future of Europe and America. They and their children will become your children's teachers, lawyers, doctors. Why don't you just accept that we're on board the same train, and it is getting a lot more crowded, so there's nothing you can do to stop other cart passengers to move into yours. It is what it is, so get used to it.
Evolve man.

Brett Bellmore said at September 14, 2015 5:49 PM:

"Many of those immigrants hold degrees and are highly skilled, you know."

You dump a few million illegal immigrants into a country, it's pretty much inevitable that "many" of them, in absolute terms, will be well educated. What fraction of them are well educated matters more.

What matters most is what fraction of them are young, fit men with military training, who are shortly going to be going on killing sprees. A number of Islamic groups such as ISIS are using the refugees as cover for an invasion of Western Europe.

Yeah, these 'immigrants' mean to be the future of Europe and America, no matter what the present inhabitants of Europe and America think about the matter. They don't mean to join us. They mean to REPLACE us.

Mike Street Station said at September 15, 2015 6:59 AM:

I think when you have to make an argument in favor of common sense, you've already lost. And so has Europe.

Randall Parker said at September 16, 2015 6:54 PM:

@Seth W.

Highly skilled? I provided relevant evidence. Click thru on the link in the original post about immigrants who lack significant intellectual capital.

@Mike Street Station,

Too true. Only too true. I despair.

Check it out said at September 17, 2015 5:18 PM:

The ideology of the U.S. is horrible and dangerous. It has already led to revolutions in Libya, Syria, Iraq, from where hundreds of thousands of people are now fleeing. The European press ignores the main question: what makes all those people leave their home and travel across the sea?

Put yourself in the place of an average European citizen. What is he thinking? "We were told that these people were living very poorly under Hussein and Assad. But they could safely leave Iraq and Syria and move to Europe, if they had money for it. Gaddafi would send young people to study abroad. There were no hundreds of thousands of refugees during their stay in power. Why are they fleeing now?"

However, it never occurs to anyone in Europe that all those people are running away from the horrible Western revolutionary ideology. The media and politicians repeat one and the same thing: "They are running away from ISIS, Assad, Russia, global warming" - anything, but not from European policies. They write that refugees are lazy people who do not want to work in their own countries, but want to move to Europe, where they can live on social allowances without working at all.
Well, there were no refugees in Europe for 50 years, but all of a sudden, hundreds of thousands of people decided that they wanted to move. This is obvious that the policy of the West in Iraq, Libya and Syria has suffered a great debacle. The results of those policies are wars, a humanitarian catastrophe and the appearance of the Islamic State. The people are terrified, and they are trying to save their lives and flee to Europe. We remember very well that the revolution in Libya was arranged by David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy. After the victory over Gaddafi, they both arrived in Tripoli, and Cameron then said that the country would see a new and happy era. This is exactly what we can see now in Libya.

You're a hypocrite Randall. Nothing but a Hypocrite. Your views are partial. I'm sure you love playing tennis without a net, on your own court, right Randy?

And dumb Brett Bellmore with his "What matters most is what fraction of them are young, fit men with military training, who are shortly going to be going on killing sprees.

You mean like the hundreds of sprees perpetrated by American students -some of them kids- in schools and colleges? Or are you talking about the ones perpetrated by dumb police officers in the States who now feel like U.S. Army Special Forces, because they are dressed and equipped thus? Maybe you're talking about the hundreds of veterans who couldn't get it back together with therapy? Or the minuteman vigilantes shooting at illegal immigrants?
Wow, you're so right Bretty, so right.

Brett -on the other hand- is too dumb, or too absent-minded or just so proverbially ignorant to even be a hypocrite.

Check it out said at September 17, 2015 5:33 PM:


Randall, the average American has become too dumb to even try to do anything he's not trained for, like teach his kids how to swimm, read, drive or think even if he's not a trained "expert". They're just too affraid of trying.

Just to give you an example among thousands: you need to teach yourself how to put an injection -on your own- even if you're not trainned for it or have anybody to train you. You should try and fix your toilet before calling the plumber. You should try to fix your own car, paint your own house, teach yourself another language once by yourself. Now multiply this by every ability you like and you'll begin to grasp it. Immigrants will save your ass one day, because they will soon be the only ones who can get things done without any special pussy training, but only with the decision to do it!

Skilled? I'm begining to think that you don't know what the fucken word means. See ya.

For every cowardly nation there's always a dictator.

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