2015 July 18 Saturday
Obama Doing Massive Data Collection For Disparate Impact Enforcement

See Paul Sperry's piece: Obama collecting personal data for a secret race database.

Given Obama's views you will not be surprised to learn that the purpose is to more aggressively pursue disparate impact cases. Never mind that disparate impact can hurt those who it is intended to help or that it makes society less meritocratic.

I see this report against a backdrop of decline in self employment and a lower rate of business formation and growth in average company size. If the US government undermines meritocratic hiring then that might give a push in the direction of more people working in smaller companies. But if the economies of scale are growing strongly for other reasons then less meritocratic hiring might just make companies less efficient. They might respond by doing more hiring abroad.

If disparate impact enforcement forces banks to lend more money at lower rates to groups that default more often we can expect higher borrowing costs and maybe a reduction in consumer credit. That might be a net benefit. I think our current levels of consumer debt are unhealthy and the people borrowing a lot are hurting their own prospects. We'd be better off if far fewer had credit cards.

What I wonder: will the tech elite that is now one of the most powerful forces in the Democratic Party get sufficiently incensed at the costs of disparate impact to politically revolt against the doctrine and seek to get courts to restrict its use? They'd need to first change the mix of people working as reporters and commentators to bring about a big shift in reporting on this issue. They could do it. Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, and other big money figures have control over big pieces of the press.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2015 July 18 07:22 PM 

Matt@occidentalism.org said at July 19, 2015 5:08 AM:

Disparate impact rules have a disparate impact on whites.

Brett Bellmore said at July 19, 2015 5:34 AM:

Krogers charging everybody the same price for ground chuck has disparate impact. That's really all you need to know, to realize how bogus the concept is.

jb said at July 19, 2015 10:00 AM:

The majority of these tekkies support political correctness as long as it doesn't hit them too hard. At most they'll bribe their way to getting exceptions. Forget about it, immigrants will put leftists in power and those leftists will bust the country out. It's over, all you can do now is laugh about it. Here's a story about what happens when you give third-world sponges a chance to sponge. These sponges will soon overwhelm the productive. The Tech Elite aren't going to save you.

Medicaid enrollment surges, stirs worry about state budgets


WJ said at July 26, 2015 2:41 PM:

The smart people working at companies like Google really, really don't want to be forced to work around stupid people. If race quotas sponsored by Obama force them to do that, it perhaps increases the possibility that they'll see the Dems for what they truly are. It shouldn't be a shock that some of the most liberal bastions of American commerce - Hollywood and Tech - are places where the government's race machine hasn't yet dared to venture. When it does, they may begin to rethink their politics.

Time for race quotas at Google and Facebook and Apple and Disney. Time for affordable housing in Beverly Hills and Marin County.

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