2015 June 12 Friday
Hostility To Police Boosts Crime Rate In Baltimore

The arrest rate in Baltimore has dropped about 40% since the Freddie Gray funeral in Baltimore. Police have to move around in groups to do arrests due to hostility from portions of the black populace. This hurts the rest of the black populace, police, and everyone else. The result is a test of theories about whether too many people get put in prison. See Alex Tabarrok's post In Baltimore Arrests are Down and Crime is Way Up. He's got cool graphs that reduce the cognitive load needed to understand what is going on there.

Over 10 years ago Alex and Jonathan Klick published a paper that showed increased policing in Washington DC during terror alerts led to reductions in crime that provided benefits well in excess of the additional cost of police. Alex is of the opinion that higher crime areas are under-policed. So the Baltimore hostility to police makes an already bad situation much worse.

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