2015 May 29 Friday
Faith In Family Income As Determinant Of Success In Life

Check out this propaganda piece in the Gray Lady: You Draw It: How Family Income Affects Children’s College Chances.

I drew it and they told me:

  • You drew a more accurate picture of reality than about 96 percent of people who have tried so far.
  • You correctly guessed that children from the very poorest families face tough odds in going to college – only about one in four do.
  • You correctly guessed the exceptionally high rates of college enrollment for children from the very richest families – about 94 percent.

I did this without any belief in their tabula rasa doctrine and it was easy to do. I hold a more accurate picture of reality than the editorial and reporting staff of the New York Times. Low bar, I know. Alas.

Is it willful ignorance when the Gray Lady ignores, for example, a study of adopting parent income compared with randomly assigned Korean adopted babies See this follow-up post.

If you understand and accept the heritability of everything then the world becomes easier to understand. Still incredibly complex. Hard or impossible to predict a very wide assortment of developments. But many patterns become discernible once you accept that the genomes of all of our ancestors have been under constant selective pressure on genes that influence our desires, aversions, and cognitive abilities.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2015 May 29 09:40 PM 

FranklinDMadoff said at June 14, 2015 4:16 PM:

Hah. You might be interested in my analysis of this issue.




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