2015 May 08 Friday
Getting Hammered By Our Elites: Least Educated Hurting In Job Market

Why are workers without much education getting hammered? Since this is an article in The Gray Lady (aka The Blind Lady) it has no mention of immigration.

Stop immigration of anyone with an IQ below 120 and the salaries of the least cognitively able would not be quite so low.

Though in the long run the people at the bottom are all going to get replaced by robots. I have no idea what someone with an IQ of 80 will do for a living 20 years from now.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2015 May 08 08:28 PM 

Wolf-Dog said at May 9, 2015 9:21 AM:

Canadian or Australian companies get very good employees because these countries have a point system for immigration.

Canadian or Australian executives would pray that the status quo is maintained in the US.

In UK, there is already a movement to change the immigration laws to adopt a point system like Australia or Canada.

Nick said at May 10, 2015 1:21 AM:

In an interview, Richard Lynn suggested that those with the lowest IQ could be garbage men, not the drivers, but the guys that tip the cans into the truck. Robotic arms are making this job less useful, but there will still be people who don't leave their can in a place the robotic arm can access. Until they come up with a robot that detaches from the truck and fetches the hard to reach can, this type of guy can ride shotgun with the truck driver.

Street sweeping and garbage pickup are another option. I see so many bums begging for money by playing a guitar or just sitting on the sidewalk to fuel their alcohol and drug habits. Putting them to use by picking up garbage and giving them food and shelter would be much more humane than letting them rot on the street. Unfortunately I don't think many of them would agree to work and it'd be insane to spend resources on changing the minds of hardened bums.

bob sykes said at May 10, 2015 4:19 AM:

Don't be so smug. It's not just the low IQ guys who are being displaced.

You have to stop all immigration regardless of IQ to protect jobs. Those H 1-B visas go to high IQ individuals with substantial technical training, and the recipients displace American engineers and programmers.

Also STEM, law and medical jobs are more easily automated than jobs requiring physical skills. As far as manual labor is concerned, only essentially unskilled jobs have been automated to date. However, 40 years ago automation and CAD roared through engineering design offices eliminating most entry level engineering jobs (the guys using the slide rules and adding machines), most draftsmen (less artistic/drawing skill needed), most surveyors (one man parties vs. three to five man parties) and, of course, armies of accountants and clerk/typists. Most of the entry level lawyer positions were data retrieval jobs, and those are now automated at larger firms. Doctors are next. RN's, LPN's and orderlies can't be replaced. In fact, computer diagnosis and prescription will allow RN's to replace MD's. Only the law needs updating. And it will be to contain costs.

By the way, where I live in rural Ohio, nearly every private MD practitioner has been bought out by the local hospital and now is an employer of the hospital. This seems to be a consequence of the increased regulatory burden in ACA. We've got a UK-style NHS without anyone noticing.

Wolf-Dog said at May 12, 2015 6:59 PM:

You are only partly correct about high IQ individuals displacing American engineers and programmers: Although mid-level (i.e. slightly high IQ) engineers do displace American engineers and programmers, the highest IQ people create a lot more jobs than they steal (with the obvious exception of derivatives traders). And if there is a very talented and innovative work force (this time I am talking about very smart but not the highest IQ people), this would also increase the GDP and actually create more jobs overall, once again helping the displaced engineers to find jobs elsewhere.

Separately, the US is beginning to lose its edge in talent, as the technical people in many countries are catching up and beginning to surpass the American work force, and therefore if we are going to restrict immigration, then we must dramatically increase the skill level of the work force: STEM Sputnik movement.

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