2015 April 06 Monday
David McWilliams On Insiders Versus Outsiders In Politics

David McWilliams argues that mainstream parties of insiders created the financial disaster in Greece and now are trying to crush Syriza for threatening their control. He argues that the split between insiders and outsiders is more important than the split between left and right.

When looking at politics in mature democracies, I prefer to use the term insider vs outsider, rather than right vs left, urban vs rural or conservative vs liberal, to describe the electoral fault lines.

The insiders are those, literally, on the inside. They are the people with influence, with a voice at the table, those with a stake in the society. Insiders can either be on the left or the right. They can be traditional public sector trade unions who want no reform or they can be bank bosses who want a bailout. Their game plan is to gouge the state and extract as much rent as possible for their members and interests.

The insiders form coalitions across the left-right divide to keep out upstart parties.

Think about our Fine Gael/Labour coalition, or today’s German CDU and SPD grand coalition or even the Tory/Lib Dem pact in Britain. These are all parties of the apparent right in bed with parties of the alleged left.

If you feel inclined to click thru and read his whole piece I'd be very curious to hear your reactions in the comments. I think the same thing happens in the mainstream press too. Fox and MSNBC are not as far apart as they pretend to be.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2015 April 06 08:44 PM 

Seth W. said at April 8, 2015 3:04 PM:

I agree, there's only outsiders and insiders now. There is only the haves and the have nots in regards to money, power, influence, etc.

FOX and MSNBC are two flavors of the same crap. That same crap includes also CNN and ABC. Same crap, different flavor. There are is no more truly independent news, or parties or unions. Everything has an owner (the haves or insiders)and when a country starts to be run as a business all freedom gets lost. Just like humans nowadays have become merchandize that they kindly call "assets" or "human capital".

Democracy means the rule of the people, but when a citizen has become a subordinated slave in the big company we call "country", he has lost all freedom; he has lost in a very true way, his CITIZENSHIP, even if he legally is still an "American".

Slavery is back, and it is not relegated only to what necrophiliac psychos like to do and watch on the Deep Web. This whole economic system is based around turning human beings into things or machines. Slavery is all around us, even though many still haven't realized.

Necrophilia is most commonly associated with having sexual intercourse with a corpse, but it's only one of it many manifestations. The necrophile is somebody who enjoys turning everything that is organic into inorganic (Orwell's 1984 comes to mind). An economic system that turns a full organic, healthy, intellingent human into a machine or not thinking but of repetitive stagnation is a necrophile one. (Also comes to mind all those fast food chains where you hear the robotic clerk repeating the company's features with a fake "smile" as part of the uniform).

*Necrophilia or the love of the dead shows itself in sexual perversion or the ‘morbid desire to be in the presence of a dead body’. However, it is more than that. A person with necrophilous tendencies is drawn to everything that is dead or not alive, including corpses, decay, feces, dirt. They prefer to talk about sickness, funerals, death, destruction, the past; they are ‘cold, distant, devotees of law and order’ and like the use of force. Necrophiles like everything that does not grow but which is mechanical. ‘The necrophilous person is driven by the desire to transform the organic into the inorganic, to approach life mechanially, as if all living persons were things. All living processes, feelings, and thoughts are transformed into things’. He continues to provide example in a similar vein but I think the picture he draws is emerging.

*From The book title Heart of Man.

best said at April 15, 2015 5:13 AM:

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