2015 February 18 Wednesday
Barack Spins On Our Battle With Islamic Fundamentalists

He doesn't come out and say they are perverts. I think America's secular religion has become a perversion.

US President Barack Obama says the US is "not at war with Islam - we are at war with the people who have perverted Islam".

The "not real Islam" trope is false and tiring.

In fact, the Caliphate folks are taking Islam back to its (brutal, oppressive) roots in the 7th and 8th centuries. They are taking the Koran seriously and literally. Now, that's a problem for us, especially since we have a government that thinks immigration from all over the world is just peachy.

I do not want to deal with people who are still thinking like they are in the 7th century. But our elites think they know better than me and think we should learn to love diversity because diversity is always great.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2015 February 18 09:52 PM 

AMac said at February 19, 2015 6:10 AM:


Inigo Montoya put it best. "You Keep Using That Word. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means."

Western elites have a lot of trouble with concepts like Listening and Understanding. The Kang faction successfully sold the Iraq invasion, getting us deeper into this mess. Now Dear Leader Obama of the Kodos grouping does his part.

[/preaching to the choir]

Abelard Lindsey said at February 19, 2015 12:10 PM:

Barack Obama in the Neville Chamberlin of our time.

Obama spends his weekends in the country. ISIS takes countries on its weekends.

Check it out said at February 23, 2015 5:02 PM:

If we want to go back to the Soviet period, we could also recall the case of the assault on the Soviet embassy in Beirut in 1985, when four members of the diplomatic staff (Arkady Katkov, Valery Myrikov, Oleg Spirin, and Nikolai Svirsky) were kidnapped by a jihadist group linked to Hezbollah, unhappy with the Soviet support for Syria-linked militias in Tripoli. Katkov was killed a few days after the abduction as the jihadists wanted to show how serious they were.

The Soviets indeed decided to show the jihadists how serious they were and captured a Hezbollah militia man and close relative of a prominent Hezbollah leader. They then castrated him and sent the severed organs to the Hezbollah official, before shooting the militant. In addition to presenting him with this proof of their seriousness, the KGB operatives warned the Hezbollah leader about the fact that they were well aware of the identities of other close relatives of his, and that he could expect more such packages if the three Soviet diplomats were not freed immediately. A few days later the three diplomats were released near the Soviet embassy.

Check it out said at February 23, 2015 5:09 PM:

A good part of ISIS activity is linked to propaganda; the group's "horrific" utilization of social media and the violent videos that they spread have specific and easily predictable objectives:

1- spread anxiety and fear among the enemy population in order to disrupt everyday life activities (psychological warfare)

2- pressure the political decision makers to take certain steps

3- attract criminals and extremists from around the globe in order to expand their ranks

4- earn a reputation not only as major worldwide Jihadist organization but also as the first real "Islamic State", in opposition to other Muslim countries accused of not following the real doctrine of Islam.

5- it is also possible that ISIS is trying to create a clash between Muslims and non-Muslims in Europe and that is done by trying to spread attacks on "enemy territory" in order to pressure European institutions to take steps that can be perceived as anti-Islamic and by increasing the hatred against Muslims among Europeans.

It is evident that the media is a major tool in ISIS propaganda strategy and as a consequence, in order to take appropriate counter-measures, it is important to contrast such tool in the most drastic way. Let's ponder on a few questions:

-How serious is the ISIS threat to Europe and Russia? Are the medias actually magnifying the threat by giving too much coverage to the various ISIS threats and elements such as al-Baghdadi and Jihadi John?

-Is this excessive coverage helping ISIS in increasing the level of fear among people?

-Is it helpful in raising awareness among the population?

-Why do some European governments raise the level of terror alert and make it public? Does it help in protecting civilians or is it just a tool to show that the decision makers are actually doing something about it?

In Europe there have been cases of so called "analysts" that wrote articles and participated in interviews where they exposed details about counter-terror measures taken by the Institutions. That is an extremely irresponsible act as it is useless if not counter-productive.

Anti ISIS measures require else and a possible first step could be limiting the echo of ISIS media propaganda such as beheading videos, sermons, as well as websites and forums. It would also be useful that decision makers and analysts would stop telling the public about increased alert levels and strategies taken by the security apparatus. Administrations that take efficient measures to prevent and contrast terrorism have no need to make it public, because what really counts is the result.

Another important step is to target specific key-individuals among terror organization (such as the leaders and the ones appearing in the videos), in their territories, in order to emphasize their vulnerability and destroy their symbolic elements of propaganda.

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