2015 January 24 Saturday
French Government Strips French-Moroccan Man Of Citizenship

Maybe there is hope for the immune system of the West.

PARIS — France’s top court ruled on Friday that it was legal for the French government to strip a French-Moroccan man of his citizenship, reinforcing the country’s right to employ the antiterrorism tool as it tries to tighten its security after deadly terrorist attacks.

The Clash of Civilizations is going to deepen. We could witness a slow move toward loyalty oaths to a state with legal requirements to embrace sets of values as conditions of citizenship, even for those born in a country. Already 30 countries (mostly Muslim) require heads of state to be of a specific religion. Jihadist demands might spark a backlash among Western secularists large enough to set in motion a drive to require explicit embrace of secular values.

What's holding back this sort of thing: inability to reach a consensus on which values should be existing moral values disagreements within a state between native factions. Whose value code would be mandated? Left and right wing secularists are split on many subjects. Religious non-Muslims are split as well. But with an assortment of secular dogmas already strongly promoted by elites I think more legal codification of these dogmas could be in the the cards.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2015 January 24 11:06 AM 

Wolf-Dog said at January 24, 2015 4:55 PM:

So far this French law only applies to those who have dual citizenship. But many countries, including religious dictatorships, have similar laws that apply even to their native citizens who don't belong to the dominant religious community, and they often simply expell their minorities, which is tantamount to removing their natives from citizenship. We just need to keep in perspective how much less rights the minorities have in so many countries. And if our minorities keep saying that as soon as they gain power they will take away the equal rights of the current majority, then our Western society is so foolish or lacks so little self-respect, then it does deserve extinction and enslavement. We fully deserve that fate if we insist on being so ignorant of the value of what we have.

Of course, a well founded fear in the Western democracies is that racist ultra-right wing groups will take advantage of the religious/cultural war, to impose their own agendas. But with some diligence, the far right racist parties can be kept in check, and although the crypto-fascist and crypto-racist parties do represent a serious danger, it is not a foregone conclusion that if we resist the religious fanatics the other alternative will be fascists and racists.

Daniel H said at January 24, 2015 5:16 PM:

So the French government strips a man of his citizenship, but what are the French going to do when the man's native land refuses to take him back? Which the native lands will surely do if the numbers of those losing their citizenship increases to any significant level. All over Europe there are millions (and growing) of muslims who would implement Sharia law and its brutal and cruel consequences if they could somehow get away with it. Native lands will cooperate with the repatriation of millions? Not likely. I am not encouraged by this feeble effort. I fear that this matter will ultimately be resolved by bloody civil war, with European expeditionary forces seizing bridgeheads in native Muslim lands to which millions will be deported agains their will. The future will be interesting.

Randall Parker said at January 24, 2015 7:50 PM:

Daniel H,

In some cases governments have been bribed to take in individuals and groups. France could offer such people trips to any number of Muslim countries. Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan come to mind. Some of these are failed states without any central government to say no. Who is going to say no in Somalia?

Wolf-Dog said at January 24, 2015 9:08 PM:

DH: Within a few decades various Middle Eastern countries are likely to obtain many weapons of mass destruction. While Pakistan is far from the Middle East, it already has a large nuclear arsenal and the infrastructure to build many more nukes, not to mention the know-how. Within a few decades it is possible that the Caliphate will be more united if they can sense that they have significant military power. But when the Middle Eastern fanatics form a united militarized block, then the expeditionary forces that you are talking about will be the rising Muslim minority in Europe, and the bridgeheads that you are talking about will be their Muslim enclaves all over Europe.

RP: The failed states that you are talking about, can easily morph into a monolithic alliance that identifies with the Caliphate. If Egypt and Pakistan become failed states, then the Caliphate might become very popular for them also, and this would lead to the true militarized Caliphate with hundreds of nukes in a few decades. Then it will be very difficult for Europe to defend itself if the European Muslims become the fifth column because Europe will be fighting much more than a two front war, the home front will be far more disrupting when there is already an external war that involves very violent battles.

Nick said at January 25, 2015 4:17 AM:

One down, and about 5 million more to go. Trying to surgically remove the worst offenders isn't going to solve the problem. The critical mass of millions of Muslims in France and Britain is a fertile breeding ground for more terrorists. The fact that France has only stripped 8 people of citizenship since 1973 shows how laughably, un-serious they are about dealing with the enemy society in their midst.

Seth W. said at January 26, 2015 3:02 PM:

"French Government Strips French-Moroccan Man Of Citizenship"

Good if the French-Moroccan is a Muslim or a Christian believer.

Dr. No said at February 5, 2015 10:57 AM:

It is going to take some DNA-selective agent to disrupt the fertility of the colonists, be they African, Arab or South American Indian. We are close, but not there yet. The technology could be developed for invasive species animals (feral dogs and cats, the huge Asian snakes infesting the Everglades, etc) and then the vectors could be changed to work on humans. No pain. No suffering, just ... no babies. I give it twenty years. If it is given secretly to infants you would have a 15-20 window before folks started wondering what was going on. More than enough time to full a major part of the world's population.

Mirco Romanato said at February 21, 2015 5:59 AM:

In the past people, like Dante Alighieri, was exiled from his native land or city (there was not the concept of citizenship).
The law was simple: You have x hours/days to move out. Afterward, if we find you inside the border, we apply the death penalty on you.

I do not see a lot of problem in this.

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