2015 January 17 Saturday
Ed West: Only Criticism And Mockery Can Reform Islam

British journalist Ed West:

We're told that we should respect Islam and that it must reform, but it wont reform unless it is mocked, critically examined, 'disrespected'

Ed West also said about the Danish cartoons that angered Muslims:

The Danish Prime Minister and Foreign Minister blamed the cartoonists, while European and world leaders went out of their way to condemn these grossly offensive comics. The Foreign Office declared in a message to the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation: ‘The whole international community stands with them in their staunch rejection of those who distort the noble faith of Islam. We join them in celebrating the values of Islamic civilisation. Their values are our values.’

Rather than supporting a fellow European democracy with an impeccable record of freedom, ethical government and humane treatment of refugees, Europe bowed before the leaders of the most intolerant states on earth. The EU expressed ‘regret’, while Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said freedom of speech is fine, but not if it led to ‘open season’. Several continental newspapers republished the pictures in solidarity, but not a single major British publication did. Indeed newspapers warned about Islamophobia while they were themselves too scared of Muslims – they were literally Islamophobic – to publish the cartoons. Only two college magazines printed the pictures, and both editors were sacked, one of them going into hiding.

Our elites are failing in their response to Islam. A few people (Ed West included) are pointing out the folly of their ways and what we should do about it.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2015 January 17 10:13 AM 

Jim said at January 18, 2015 11:01 AM:

Ed West is delusional like many Westerners. The problem is not Islam per se. The problem is the genetic incompatibility between Westerners and the peoples of the Middle East and Africa. The two are profoundly different.

Wolf-Dog said at January 18, 2015 12:24 PM:

Jim wrote: " The problem is the genetic incompatibility between Westerners and the peoples of the Middle East and Africa. The two are profoundly different. "


Genetic incompatibility? The overwhelming majority of the nearly 500,000 French Jews are North African Mizrahi Jews from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, who are genetically very similar to the Muslim populations of the latter countries. Recently two of these Mizrahi Jews in France received the Nobel prizes in physics, and many of them are making remarkable contributions to the culture in France. By the way, the parents of the doctoral adviser who trained Stephen Hawking, were Syrian Jews from Aleppo.

But if you can prove that the Islamic culture is a genetically transmitted quality, you might also get a Nobel prize.

Jim said at January 18, 2015 1:01 PM:

Wolf-Dog - The history of Jews in the West, centuries and centuries of constant friction and conflict with numerous episodes of horrific violence culminating in the Holocaust does not suggest much compatibility between the two to me. If you regard the history of Jews in the West as an example of a harmonious relationship I am puzzled by what you would regard as a bad relationship. How could it have been much worst?

The fact that Middle Easterners receive Nobel prizes in physics has zero relevance to the question of how compatible they are with Westerners.

Wolf-Dog said at January 18, 2015 6:38 PM:

Jim, You are missing an important detail about genetics: Genetically speaking ,the kind of Jews who attracted antisemitism (and you cited especially the Holocaust as an example) in Central and Northern Europe, namely the Jews of Ashkenazic ancestry are very different from the background (genetic, not just cultural) of the darker skinned Mizrahi Jews of Middle Eastern ancestry. Note that the Mizrahi (Middle Eastern) Jews immigrated to Europe only recently (due to the persecution in Arab countries after World War II.) Specifically, since the Roman Empire, the North European and Central European Jews (the Jews of Ashkenazic background) have intermarried with native Europeans to the point that they became genetically totally different from the Middle Eastern Jews, but with the following emphasis: generation after generation, many North European Jews (who used to be very religious at the time) required that before the marriage the local women who wanted to marry a Jewish man would have to convert to Judaism. (Later on, due to religious reasons, many of the North European and Central European Askhenazic Jews also became somewhat inbred among themselves, which made them look like a race, but they are still very European.) However, despite the European genes of Ashkenazic ancestry, their different culture and behavior still attracted the violent antisemitism that you are talking about. In addition to the North European Ashkenazic and Middle Eastern Mizrahi Jews (who are genetically very different as I mentioned above), there is also a smaller third group called the Sephardic Jews, who are the Southern European Jews who lived in Spain, Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey, but their ancestry is traced back to Spain, and they are also genetically and culturally different from both the Askhenazic (North and Central European) and Mizrahi (Middle Eastern) Jews, even though the Sephardic Jews are also somewhat inbred. Thus the three groups are genetically very different, and unlike the Nazi propaganda that claimed that the Central and Northern European Jews are primarily of Semitic and Middle Eastern ancestry (a propaganda invented Russian royalists who immigrated to Germany to influence the Nazi party after the Bolshevik revolution), not only the three groups of Jews are very different, but the Central and North European Jews have mostly European genes due to excessive dilution after many years of assimilation for 2,000 years. (In this case the European Jews "assimilated" the native European genes by marrying them and converting them to Judaism.) Furthermore, it seems that you are also claiming that the fair skinned and often blond Central European and North European Jews have developed a different culture and behavior due to their genetic background and that this is why they attracted antisemitism in Europe, but it turns out that from my conversations with European antisemites, I was surprised to note that they dislike the North European Jews of Ashkenazic bacground (who have very European genes) a lot more than the South European and Mizrahi Jews: when I asked the European antisemites in France and Switzerland why this was the case, they said that they can see that the Southern European Jews and Middle Eastern Jews behave very differently, even though the Central and North European Jews have a lot more European genes. Furthermore, you also said that even though Middle Eastern Mizrahi Jews who live in France are winning disproportionately more Nobel prizes than the native French people, there is still antisemitism against them due to their different genes, but once again your statement is not precise enough due to the fact that the European Jews have a lot more European genes than Middle Eastern genes, but the Middle Eastern Jews do not attract more antisemitism in Europe than the Central European and North European Jews of Askhenazic backround. In fact, right now most of the antisemitism in Europe is coming from the Muslim immigrants, and in UK and in the US at least 50 % of the Jews marry Christians, and even in other European cultures there is more prejudice against Jews than in the US and UK, this prejudice is far weaker among the Christians than Muslim immigrants in Europe.

JIm said at January 19, 2015 5:01 AM:

Acoording to Greg Cochran, Ashkenazi Jews are genetically about 50-60% European with almost all the European component being of Mediterranean European origin. As an experiment in how compatible Europeans are with a people who are substantially genetically different the case of Ashkenazi Jews is not very encouraging.

Of course a huge difference between the case of Jewish emigration into the West and the present emigration from the Middle East and Africa is the size of the present migration. Jews in European history were never a large enough group to pose an existential threat. Similarily although the Roma are poorly compatible with Westerners thet have always been too snmall in numbers to pose a really serious problem. Flooding Europe with people from the Middle East and also with even more genetically alien Sub-Saharan Africans will result in a level of violent conflict that will make the Paris massacre seem utterly insignificant.

Wolf-Dog said at January 19, 2015 8:28 AM:

Does Greg Cochran think that the reason the Askhenazi Jews are socially incompatible with the rest of the Europeans is due to the fact that their genes are only about 50-60% European? You still need a lot of statistical research to prove your thesis. Still, even if it were true that the genes of the Askhenazi Jews have are only 50-60 % European, how do you explain the fact that the Europeans do not dislike the pure Middle Eastern Jewish immigrants more than the Ashkenazi Jews? Those French Jews who are not religious actually behave exactly the same way as the Christians over there, and they enjoy the same music, the same food, including pork.

Both the British and German people are supposed to be Nordic races, but historically they were often at each others throats. The Polish people are definitely North European, but Germans were very happy to enslave them during World War II. Until the 20th century, European antisemitism was religious instead of racial, in the sense that those European Jews who converted to Christianity were forgiven in general. (I must concede that the Spanish Inquisition did have some racial aspects, as its purpose was to crack down on the descendants of those Jews who converted to Christianity, but this was because of the suspicion that many of the new Christians were still secretly practicing Judaism and also the fact that even after conversion their descendants were socially and economically successful, which attracted jealousy, and jealousy was the driving force for the Spanish antisemitism at the time. Those descendants of the Jews who converted to Christianity who could conceal their ancestry, were not discriminated against, as the antisemites did not have a psychological mechanism to detect the ancestry of the Jews from their appearance or behavior: only birth records and rumors gave them away. Discrimination worked only against those who failed to conceal their Jewish ancestry. Similarly, in Nazi Germany primarily the birth records made it possible to discriminate against those who claimed not to be Jewish, as most people of Jewish ancestry did not have crooked noses and curly hair in Central Europe.) Racial antisemitism became the norm only in the 20th century, especially due to the Nazi ideology that invented a racial archetype for the European Jews. Again, you did not explain the fact that the Middle Eastern Jewish immigrants in Europe who have a lot more Semitic physical features actually do not attract more antisemitism than the Askhenazi Jews who look a lot more European.

Wolf-Dog said at January 19, 2015 8:41 AM:

But I digress too much. I agree that this war will escalate and get much worse, possibly resulting in extreme violence that can surpass World War II, but in my opinion this will be due to cultural reasons, not racial, although I also concede that far-right racist groups will certainly attempt to turn the coming religious war into a race war.

Please note that the Christian Arabs who immigrated to Europe are treated much better than the Muslim immigrants, and for good reason as they do behave in a much more flexible way and they do accept the local culture in Europe.

Also, the Hindu Indian immigrants do well in Europe, not only economically but also socially and culturally, and many of them successfully marry Europeans, which is contrast with the Muslim Pakistani immigrants who are genetically very similar to the Hindu Indians. Not only the behavior of the Hindu Indian immigrants is different, but the treatment they receive from the Europeans is also very different from the treatment that the Muslim Pakistanis receive. This is the case despite the fact that the Indian immigrants usually have darker complexion than the Arab immigrants.

Check it out said at January 19, 2015 4:56 PM:

@ "We're told that we should respect Islam and that it must reform, but it wont reform unless it is mocked, critically examined, 'disrespected'"

Agree. If that hadn't happened with Christianity, we would be back into the Inquisition and the Crusades. Oh wait, Western leaders still talk about "Crusades", don't they? But, yeah, you can say that again: We should stop respecting any religion and faith, which is believing in something without evidence. A mental disorder, no less.

Jim said at January 20, 2015 4:54 AM:

"believing without evidence" - That is the way all humans and indeed all sentient beings work. Biological organisms are not embodied philosophers. The response to mocking and disrespecting Islam is quite predictable. It's like bear-baiting, okay as long as you don't let the bear loose.

Wolf-Dog said at January 20, 2015 6:22 PM:

But the asymmetry is that as a general rule Islam (or more specifically the Islamic society) always disrespects the non-Muslims in their own territories, and this is not a function of the discrimination against Muslim immigrants in Europe, since the overwhelming majority of the Muslim immigrants in Western Europe arrived after the 19th century. Thus, they want respect but they have no respect for others. They don't even have an immigration policy that accepts Christians as new citizens.

Alfred I said at February 5, 2015 1:00 PM:

What is with these neocon/neolibs who see it as the bounden duty of America to reengineer the world? Let 'em slaughter each other, for heaven's sake! Enough of their "invade the world, invite the world, in hock to the world" nonsense. I am a profound multiculturalist. They have their culture over there. We have our culture over here. Dual passport holders get their US passport destroyed and a bus ticket home on the next available flight. And if they feel like killing their own, let 'em. Any "Americans" who feel like it is America's job to "heal the world" can go back home, too. There is more than enough "healing" due to Americans right here at home.

David said at February 27, 2015 9:46 AM:


Thanks for the article. Ed West is right. Yes, some Muslims are white but most are brown or black, so the race factor is there too. So let us expose Islam, starting with Mohammad and Koran with facts, not just cartoons.

The websites below (with some Muslim contributors) quote the exact chapters and verses in the Koran which repeatedly tells its followers to loot, terrorize and kill people of other religions for no reason except their religion, and convert infidels by the sword. They also tell you the shocking truth about the robberies, violent, gangster life, pedophilia and mental problems of Islam's founder (that led Aloys Sprenger, a noted historian to conclude that he was "psychopath", which, orphans can become) as described IN THEIR OWN "RELIGIOUS" TEXTS:


http://www.derafsh-kaviyani.com/english/ and scroll down to Prophet of Terror


Muslims are brainwashed into suicidal violence by the booze-and-porn heaven promised in the Koran as a reward for killing infidels which they are conned into believing is the "word of Allah". However many reputed Islamic scholars discovered that Koran, a disorganized text replete with grammatical errors, childish inconsistencies and obvious falsehoods was actually fabricated 200-300 years after Mohammad's death by "multiple hands", and is pulp fiction and obviously not the word of God:


For more details on Koran's authorship, including names of the various writers and poets involved in writing the Koran, see:


These authors of the Koran copied and plagiarized ideas (such as monotheism, circumcision, hatred of idol-worship, prophets, day of judgment) and many other myths, customs (black robes for Rabbi/Mullah, beards, headdress), legends and fables from Jewish mythology (e.g. Torah), and from the Christian Bible which were the prevalent religions of the region, and then claimed a heavenly source ("revelation") to cover up their plagiarism. Books by authors such as Gieger ("Judaism and Islam"), Tisdall ("Original Source of Koran"), Goldsack ("Origins of the Koran") and by Charles Cutler Torrey ("The Jewish Foundation of Islam") are available online and show the exact verses which are copied from their Jewish/Christian sources.

A noted Islamic scholar, who compared the modern Koran to the older versions, found many inconsistencies between versions. For e.g., the 72 alleged virgins (hoori) promised to terrorists in heaven is a mistranslation of 72 raisins (hoor) from older versions, due to misplaced diatrical marks on these similar sounding words, as reported in the New York Times. See:


These sites are a must-read to understand the deep, religious roots of Islamic terrorism which spans over a thousand years, and which has been spread through sheer terror and force and which led to slaughter of over a billion innocents in the Middle east, Africa, Sind, Kashmir, India, Chechnya, Indonesia, WTC, Philippines, etc., many 1000 times more than Mao, Pol-Pot, Stalin or any other tyrant ever in history. The Mullahs have been covering up the lies, forgeries and plagiarism from Jewish sources in the Koran and the shocking life and crimes of Islam's founder. Giving visas or selling weapons or doing any business with these savages is like digging your own grave. The world must unite and eradicate this savage medieval satanic barbaric cult by educating Muslims (most of whose ancestors were forcibly converted into this criminal cult) for mankind to finally live in peace and harmony.

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