2015 January 14 Wednesday
International Adoptees Returning To South Korea

Adopted from South Korea because South Koreans really frown upon single motherhood. Raised in America and other countries. Now adults. So what are they doing? Some are returning home and finding mom and settling down in South Korea. They think diversity is great, but not really. Going to a place with different smells? That's insane.

Some of those leaders, including Klunder and her friend Kim Stoker, who was also at dinner that night, want to stanch the flow of Korean children entirely. “I get parents’ desperation to have children,” said Stoker, who at 41 was the oldest of the group at the table. “Accepting diverse families is great,” she said. But, she added, “I don’t think it’s normal adopting a child from another country, of another race and paying a lot of money. I don’t think it’s normal to put a child on a plane away from all its kin and different smells. It’s a very modern phenomenon.”

The Narrative. They've been raised in The Multicultural Narrative. They can't reject it outright. But they reject it for themselves anyway.

Her parents had good intentions and, Klunder says, “were loving in more ways than they were not.” But they didn’t acknowledge how central race was in their daughter’s life.

East Asia is going to continue to have some pretty pure ethnic states. So East Asians will have places to return to.

I expect to see the rise of states where the people who live in them have extremely similar personalities. Already in the United States people are migrating to live near people much more like themselves. This trend will continue and at some point groups will find ways to create sovereign states of people extremely like each other in various dimensions.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2015 January 14 08:58 PM 

Wolf-Dog said at January 14, 2015 10:36 PM:

But most immigrants who come to the United States from European countries assimilate very well. The Chinese immigrants also seem to assimilate well after a generation, and many of them marry Europeans.

amac78 said at January 15, 2015 5:53 AM:

The linked NYT magazine article: the profiled adoptee-returnees strike me as sad and unbalanced, feelings perhaps amplified by the celebration of victimhood in the culture they grew up in. (The story's lede: "Laura Klunder’s newest tattoo runs down the inside of her left forearm and reads “K85-160,” a number that dates to her infancy.")

The author is an adoptive mother who describes the trauma of looking in the mirror and having White Privilege stare back at her. For my tastes, tl;dr. I've reached my quota of typical Progressive insight.

albatross said at January 15, 2015 7:35 AM:

Media is good at finding weird man-bites-dog cases, especialy ones that fit with their pre-existing beliefs and worldview. It's not so good at telling you how common something is. My guess, based on relatively little evidence, is that foreign adoptees mostly assimilate pretty well to the culture they were raised in. In the circles I run in, racially East Asian people with perfect American accents and attitudes are completely commonplace, so it's not like you get adopted by a white family from Korea and spend your life living as some kind of complete outcast because everyone stares at you all the time. Even if you grow up somewhere pretty uniformly white, you can move to lots of places in the US where you will never get a second glance.

Fenris said at January 15, 2015 1:09 PM:

I was wondering last night how an increase in the east asian population to a meaningful part of the electorate would effect politics in the US, I don't see asians en mass ever adopting white guilt towards blacks or hispanics. I think especially with the uninhibited rise of race science and eugenics in the east the somewhat hidden disdain of blacks in the asian population will only grow worse. I also see them starting to view the jews as rivals rather then the less competitive white gentiles, it largely jewish people in charge of the Ivies preventing the asian take over of those insituations for instance.

I have a hard time seeing them line up with the republicans though and becoming de facto whites like previous european immigrant populations, the baseline temperment data seems to indicate a population that is inherently more interested in an authoritarian and collectivist type state.

So do you end up with a split of the liberals, with most white liberals following the asian lead and fighting for a more authoritarian and collectivist state and sacrificing the minority empowerment narrative maybe environmentalism gets pulled in to and a black party allied with the liberal jews and remnant anti racist whites.

Republicans become more and more a white ethnic party for traditional christian libertarian rural whites.

Hispanics remain largely apathetic and follow the asian lead as they favor similar social liberal, state controlled economy policies.

I have hard time seeing white americans ever unite and push back against diversity as you might see in europe because we don't have a substantial muslim population and the history of invasion that they have, and we have a more divided white population then specific european nations.

minnie said at January 16, 2015 9:38 PM:

Lol, Chinese in Australia and Canada are a staple of libertarian and conservative parties. Think about Hong Kong's politics. They only mobilize against conservatives who are against immigration, like Pauline Hanson. I don't know how Koreans vote but they're highly religious.

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