2015 January 11 Sunday
Jihadist Goal In Europe To Start Civil War For Caliphate?

Nick Cohen, writing in The Guardian, passes on an interesting take on the Charlie Hebdo attack: the goal is to create a civil war in Europe so that Muslims will conclude they need a caliphate. Could it be? We hear so little about what the Jihadists want to achieve. Have they thought hard about it? Over what time ranges do they plan and act?

My friend and comrade Maajid Nawaz was a jihadi before he converted to liberalism and understands the totalitarian mind. He says that people still do not realise that radical Islamists do not just want to impose their taboos at gunpoint. They want to “create a civil war” so that European Muslims accept that they can only live in the caliphate; to encourage the rise of the white far-right so that ordinary coexistence becomes impossible. If they win one demand, as they are winning in Britain, then they will up the tension and move to another.

Cohen's piece is about self-censorship by journalists and newspapers in Britain. Britain already has a de facto prohibition against blasphemy. That prohibition is in effect out of fear.

As for civil war: If the Jihadists succeed in starting one that might wake up one or more of the European peoples to expand their Overton Window to include a real solution to their problem. Then again, maybe not.

I want a time machine so I can jump forward 4 to 5 decades to see how it turns out.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2015 January 11 10:12 AM 

Wolf-Dog said at January 11, 2015 5:09 PM:

The Overton Window theory seems to make a lot of sense, and the George Freidman's Stratfor political analysis site adheres to this methology in all their predictions:


As for the time machine, it is clear that despite the slow rise of right wing parties in Europe, immigration and other demographic factors will cause the Muslim population to increase significantly in the EU. But the civil war will be manageable only if Europe can attain energy independence. The reason energy independence will be crucial for Europe (in other words an emergency science and technology program to develop alternative liquid fuels, new molten salt thorium reactors, new energy storage batteries for electric vehicles) is because after the Saudi royal family is overthrown and the oil supplies to Europe are cut by the Caliphate, this will not be the only problem for Europe: to the contrary, it is very likely that the importation of strategic minerals from Africa and Asia to Europe will also be disrupted, and therefore after a few decades, without a new energy source to feed the robotic mining equipment to extract diffuse and otherwise economically less viable mineral layers from the European territory and also from the oceans, Europe will be in a very difficult situation, and may not be able to survive the siege. One ray of hope for Europe is that in contrast to the United States, the EU does not have too many powerful oil companies that can sabotage research in alternative energy solutions, and if the major European countries like UK, Germany and France combine and mobilize their scientific and technological know-how to develop a new energy infrastructure, Europe can survive a siege from the Middle East and Africa. It was Vladimir Lenin who said: "He who controls Africa controls Europe." But it is worth recalling that after the 1973 oil embargo that crippled Europe, France took the matters in its own hand and currently nearly 80 % of its power needs are met by nuclear reactors, and this achievement was nearly half a century ago.

Paul Rain said at January 11, 2015 11:58 PM:

Energy independence seems unnecessary- all that Europe really needs is some balls. Once they're in place.. 'we have the neutron bomb.. it's nice and quick and gets things done.'

Jim said at January 12, 2015 5:27 AM:

What Europe needs above all is the will to survive.

Citizen of a Silly Country said at January 12, 2015 11:17 AM:

I agree. I'm more interested in what Europe will look like in 50 years than what the U.S. will look like. Despite a lot of talk on the internet, the U.S. likely will move toward some mix of California, Texas, Mexico and Brazil. Our country will be trashy for the most part, but it will function and upper middle class and rich whites will be fine. The other whites, not so much.

But Europe is a wild card. Their whites have more of an identity, so it's possible they could call a stop their own demise. Why they? Who knows. That's what I'd like to see. However, from what I've seen, they may be running out of time faster than you think. Births in France are already ~33% nonwhite if you include north Africans and babies of mixed race nonwhite. (See here: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2014/09/the-africanization-of-france-medical-data-suggests-one-third-french-births-are-non-white/) So France is already condemned to being 1/3 nonwhite at some point in the future. England and Wales are probably in that ball park as well. I also read that 1/3 of births in Germany are to immigrants. However, in Germany's case immigrants can - and do - mean quite a few Polish, Russian, Serbian, and other whites - though, importantly, not German whites.

My point is that European whites better start making a move in the next couple of decades or they may find themselves with a much tougher fight. It's one thing to kick out 10% of the population. It's another to go after 40%. If they don't stop immigration quickly, they may not be capable of getting the job done, especially if the current nonwhites continue to have more kids than they do.

ErisGuy said at January 13, 2015 2:23 AM:

Manson didn’t succeed in the ‘60s with his Helter-Skelter, why should the jihadis succeed in France in ‘10s?

Mike Street Station said at January 13, 2015 11:03 AM:

I don't need a time machine to see 50 years in the future to see how this plays out: Civil War. At some point, Muslim populations will be large enough to support their own political parties, which in the parliamentary systems of Europe, can have real influence. It will only be then that the "native" Europeans realize how screwed they are. The demands of Muslims to remake societies more in keeping with their traditions will be incompatible with what the rest of the Europeans want. I'm thinking it will be like Yugoslavia, only played out in several countries at once.

Randall Parker said at January 17, 2015 10:28 AM:

Eris Guy,

The Jihadists are making progress in the battle of the womb.

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