2014 November 05 Wednesday
GOP Voting And Women

This statement in the Gray Lady is not consistent with the Left Narrative.

Democrats have not won a majority of white women since 1992.

I was surprised by that statement and I'm embarrassed to admit it. Surely I thought most white women have been sold on the message that the Republican Party is waging a war on women. But apparently a majority of them reject the propaganda. Since marriage rates are higher among white than among black and hispanic women and since marriage is strongly correlated with voting Republican it makes sense that more white women are voting Republican. In expensive New York City where the big media companies pump out their messages the writers are going to look around and see lots of single women because housing and family formation costs so much and those women are more likely to vote for government as substitute father and husband..

We need some sort of anti-propaganda primer that lays out a large number of basic truths that let one deprogram more efficiently from the incessant messages of the Left Narrative. Anyone want to write a book?

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2014 November 05 08:04 PM 

JB said at November 6, 2014 10:18 AM:

Book? I'll lay it out for you in a few words. Liberalism is American Nazism, white people are its victims, the Democratic Party is its political front, the media is its center of power, black thugs are its brown shirts, the federal police are its Gestapo, mass immigration is its Zyklon B. Put them altogether they spell genocide, a word that means a lot to you and me! If you won't deal with the racism of the political left you aren't dealing with them at all, which is why the Republican Party and Conservatism are such failures. They try to fight Nazis with tax breaks.

Mike Street Station said at November 7, 2014 12:02 PM:

I was shocked by this too, particularly considering how long this has been true. The Democrats have not won white women in over two decades, and no one knew?

I don't have any intention of writing a book, but this "women are Democrats" myth is so far entrenched that I could post it on the political forum I frequent and get nothing but derision from the left on it. It's so far out of their world view that even the New York Times probably wouldn't convince them.

I should do a series of "liberal myths" for my blog. This isn't the only one. There are lots of issues that are not true but are presented as such by the MSM.

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