2014 November 03 Monday
Libya Has Gone To Hell Without Muammar Gaddafi In Charge

Even worse than Iraq without Saddam Hussein. Patrick Cockburn: The West Is Silent as Libya Falls Into the Abyss.

Foreign governments and media alike have good reason to forget what they said and did in Libya in 2011, because the aftermath of the overthrow of Gaddafi has been so appalling.

Missing from Cockburn's article: the word tribal or tribe. Also, the only reason he mentioned Islam was because he referred to the Islamic State in Iraq. It says a lot about the mindset and beliefs of Western left-leaning intellectuals and journalists that few will try to drill down to root causes.

Given the amount of knowledge available for understanding the world it is remarkable how hard it is for most people to find the most important and explanatory ideas and discoveries about human nature and why various humans act as they do.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2014 November 03 08:28 PM 

Jim said at November 4, 2014 5:51 AM:

Even to speak of an imaginary country of "Libya" or an imaginary people such as "Libyans" is extraordinarily silly. Yet for decades journalists spoke of the equally imaginary "country" of Yugoslavia and the mythical people called "Yugoslavs" who were suppossed to live there.

Mike Street Station said at November 7, 2014 11:43 AM:

You can have Libyans and Yugoslavs as long as you have a heavy boot to hold people down. That's why empire has been the most common form of government in human history. A great power conquerors a region, and enforces law and order with violence to make sure stupid tribal disputes don't interfere with trade. Take that away and you get what you had before: tribal chaos.

In the 1980's I went on vacation for a few days in Yugoslavia. During a bus tour I asked our guide how the various ethnic groups got along (historically they were not so friendly with their neighbors). He replied that everyone got along, there was intermarriage, things were wonderful, and everyone loved one another. Well a few years later the wall fell, news about Tito's wartime genocide was more publicly available, and the nation broke apart in a violent struggle that cracked the nation along ethnic, religious, and linguistic lines.

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