2014 November 02 Sunday
Kurdish Women Warriors

If it was up to me every Kurdish woman would have an excellent rifle with scope and quite a few would have Javelin anti-tank weapons. These are just the sort of people who should kill Jihadists.

There are plenty of female Kurdish soldiers on the front lines. They’re smaller than their male comrades, but they talk just as tough as they prowl the battlefield clutching automatic rifles and vowing vengeance for those victimized by the Islamic State.

“We are equal with the men,” said Zekia Karhan, 26, a female guerrilla from Turkey who is with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, known as the PKK. “Every responsibility for a man is the same for a woman. We are treated equally, and that is why we are fighting.”

The Kurds deserve their own country carved out of a few others. Relative to other groups in their neighborhood they show more signs of modernity. Granted, this is modernity by Middle Eastern standards. But the Middle East is where they deserve their country.

The Kurds are up against Washington DC attitudes as their biggest obstacle to statehood. The War Nerd argues something I've been suspecting: the USAF went light on the Kobani air strikes because the US government just wanted events in Kobani to point to as justification for the larger war. But the press paid so much attention to Kobani that the US government was forced to turn up its air war on Daesh/ISIS more than was originally intended.

If you consider the possibility that the US wasn’t trying to stop IS, at least not until domestic pressure built up on Obama after the first week of October 2014, then this makes a cold sort of imperial sense. The goal wasn’t to stop IS from taking Kobane. In fact, IS was supposed to take it; that would make the Turks happy, and the resulting horror pictures of the massacre that would ensue would shut up any domestic opposition to bombing the Hell out of Iraq, the theater the US really worries about. The strikes were meant as a show of fake good will, so to speak—kinetic good will that would send a lot of desert flying into the air without dislodging IS, and bleed IS a little in the process.

The US government remains way more eager to try to create a multi-ethnic Iraqi army with major Sunni participation than to help the Kurds free themselves from the Arab Sunni-Shia civil war. The Kurds are treated as pawns, not as important chess pieces. How foolish. The effort to build an effective military and modern nation-state in Iraq is a hopelessly naive undertaking by DC elites that don't want to get their minds around just how different mind sets are in the tribal Islamic Middle East.

The Middle East fascinates me precisely because of the collision between liberal assumptions about human nature and the other kinds of human nature on display there daily.

It’s in the Middle East, however, that the prevailing liberal worldview has proved most consistently misguided. At bottom, it may be western leaders’ inability to think outside this melioristic creed that accounts for their failure to learn from experience. After more than a decade of intensive bombing, backed up by massive ground force, the Taliban continue to control much of Afghanistan and appear to be regaining ground as the American-led mission is run down. Libya – through which a beaming David Cameron processed in triumph only three years ago, after the use of western air power to help topple Gaddafi – is now an anarchic hell-hole that no western leader could safely visit.

It is no wonder Rotherham happened.. The willful blindness of our liberal secular faithful is a sight to behold.

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Wolf-Dog said at November 3, 2014 4:02 AM:

Turkey convinced NATO that it is in their mutual interest to keep the Kurdish nationalism weak because they would ultimately fragment the Turkish territory, based on the argument that Turkey must be kept strong in order to assure stability in the region. Due to this quid pro quo, NATO agreed to classify the Kurdish nationalist groups as "terrorists."

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