2014 November 02 Sunday
Will Ukrainians Become Less Russian?

Families are splitting across borders.

Entire clans living on opposite sides have stopped speaking to each other.

Many Ukrainians describe how their Russian relatives, watching TV, frantically called to tell them: “We will save you! Come to Russia!” The Ukrainians said they responded with some version of: “What do you mean, save us? You are killing us and stealing our land.” The ensuing breach has rarely been repaired.

Will Ukrainians Become Less Russian?

Let me ask a broader question: which nationalities are undergoing the biggest shifts in their views of their own nations and specific other nations? For example, 10 years from now which country in Europe will have the biggest change in attitude? Over what?

Another example: will attitudes in the Middle East shift so much that permanent changes in national boundaries will happen? Kurdish nationalism is growing. But its potential to alter the geopolitcal landscape is limited by the productive capacity of the Kurdish people. Contrast it with China today or Germany when Bismarck united. The Kurds have way less capacity to cause disruption. They need to ride on disruption caused by others.

Think about each region of the world. Which group could cause the most disruption in the next 20 years?

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2014 November 02 08:57 PM 

painlord2k said at November 4, 2014 1:44 AM:

One candidate is Israel, as the Jewish population is increasing faster than the palestinians and will need space to grow or they will start emigrating.
Another Candidate is Costa Rica, if the Charter Cities project take off.
All Middle East is rife for deconstruction and reconstruction, because the Sikes-Picot lines are crumbling and populations of different creed are shifting positions or disappearing. This will probably leave more homogeneous groups more neatly divided.And a lot of blood on the ground.

Big Bill said at November 16, 2014 2:57 PM:

One candidate is Israel, as the Jewish population is increasing faster than the palestinians and will need space to grow or they will start emigrating.

The population that is increasing is the ultra-Orthodox community. At 6-10 kids per woman, that means huge population growth. the problem is that, in Israel, like in the USA, the ultra-orthodox are on welfare and run welfare scams.

Jewish welfare/school scammers aren't a major problem in the USA unless you live in the same county with them, like Rockland County, NY.

But Israel is small, and their percentage of the population is exploding, together with their deliberate isolation and segregation from the Euro-Jews.

The Haskala is resurgent in Israel and things are getting ugly. Talented Jews are moving elsewhere to live better lives, hence the recent creation of the Israeli-American Council. It is all hard-charging Israeli Euro-Jews who have abandoned Israel, their country, their National Homeland, to come live in the Diaspora (e.g. in "Exile")with us goyim.

Heck, I hear they are changing the Passover liturgy. Now, the prayer is "Next Year in Los Angeles", not "Next Year in Jerusalem".

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