2014 October 18 Saturday
Peter The Great Stole Russia's Name From Ukraine?

Think of the parallels with countries that demand return of art works taken away in a previous centuries. I had no idea. Will the Ukrainians start demanding the Russians find another name so that Ukraine can be renamed Russia?

The Russian Orthodox Church traces its origins to mass conversions purportedly forced by Vladimir, the grand prince of Kiev, in 988. The name Russia, adopted by Peter the Great for the empire in the early 18th century, was rooted in Kievan Rus, a medieval state that included lands that became Ukraine.

“They stole our church; they stole our name,” said Andrii Bychenko, who runs the sociology program at the Razumkov Center, a think tank here.

The Russians should go create their own religion and give back Ukraine's. Perhaps the Russians can return to whatever they believed before grand prince Vladimir brutally repressed their old time religion and forced them to convert.

What else is going on with stolen names and belief systems we ought to seek to remedy? What about the "New" states in the US Northeast? Shouldn't they find their own names and not steal ones from England? What other groups are guilty of name stealing and belief stealing?

This reminds me: Is America called America rather than Amerigo so that Amerigo Vespucci's descendants can't demand their family name back?

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2014 October 18 10:06 PM 

Gerard said at October 20, 2014 10:02 PM:

So the Russians are now to be blamed for being forcibly converted by a Ukrainian prince? You really didn't think that one through.

destructure said at October 20, 2014 10:46 PM:

"What else is going on with stolen names and belief systems we ought to seek to remedy?"

Greece wants to deny the Macedonians their name to cover up the land grab and ethnic cleansing from last century.

Audacious epigone said at October 22, 2014 1:18 PM:

Vladimir stole it from the Byzantines, the Byzantines stole it from the Romans, and the Romans stole it from the Trojans.

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