2014 September 24 Wednesday
Cadillac Chief Sees NYC Dwellers As Immersed In Premium Lifestyle

Why Cadillac is moving its headquarters to New York City.

“We are very proud of our Detroit roots and heritage, and the majority of the Cadillac workforce will remain in Michigan," de Nysschen said. "But there is no city in the world where the inhabitants are more immersed in a premium lifestyle than in New York. Establishing our new global headquarters in Soho places Cadillac at the epicenter of sophisticated living. It allows our team to share experiences with premium-brand consumers and develop attitudes in common with our audience."

Some people get to live a premium life. They get more octane out of living and earn a premium when they walk out into the streets just by living in a premium environment. New York City is a premium brand for the haves. New York City is not a brand for the have-nots. The next Big Apple mayor is going to have to create policies that accelerate the departure of non-premium people. The premium lifestyle should not be sullied by the presence of anyone who is not premium.

If New York City can drive out the non-premiums then the premiums will get a bigger benefit from living there. That's an exciting prospect. The purity of an only high premium citizenry must be intoxicating.

Of course, premium life is supposed to be treated as something magical that has no relationship to innate generally caused higher intelligence, an innate lower discount rate, greater innate ability to cooperate on groups or anything else innate.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2014 September 24 10:42 PM 

Dan said at September 25, 2014 4:03 AM:

Well Silicon Valley would be an option, full as is it with loaded inhabitants. The problem is that Silicon Valley has the wrong kind of rich, people who use cars (especially Teslas) as a way of preening to show they are holier than thou. For such people, a Caddy would send just the wrong signal.

DdR said at September 25, 2014 6:53 AM:

The have-nots are slowly being driven out of Manhattan. With rent control and a iron-fisted building department, the amount of new housing supply is scant, thereby driving up the rents, thereby making it less affordable for the have-nots to live there. You need to couple this gentrification in formerly have-not parts, like Harlem or Hell's Kitchen, with a heavy police presence to ensure that the haves are safe during the gentrification period. Some areas, like the projects in Spanish Harlem, will never be gentrified. De Blasio's trying to do away with more police protection, but if some high-profile haves get beat up/raped/murdered, you'll start to see some huge pressure on him to change his tact.

I ride the Metro North train every day, and when I take the local at night, I'm shocked to see the amount of blacks get on for a destinations well north of the Bronx. They're being pushed obviously north into Yonkers, New Rochelle, and Mount Vernon, but also in places like Peekskill. This is a slow push over a generation or two, but it's happening.

Abelard Lindsey said at September 25, 2014 8:05 AM:

One trend we can expect to see in NYC is the deployment of advanced robotics to replace the non-premium labor in the big apple. Seattle, with its $15/hr. minimum wage will drive the development of such robotics and automation. I think other cities will follow suit. Steve Sailer expects that the underclass, especially the underclass blacks, will eventually be housed in small towns in the middle of no-where by 2050.

James Bowery said at September 25, 2014 3:01 PM:

Intoxicating is the word for civilization and the fruit of places like NYC is to draw the highest quality genes out of small towns in the middle of no-where into its sterilizing addictions and then replace them with high fertility blacks housed in those small towns "in the middle of no-where by 2050" with the likes of Kyrias Joel eventually taking over places like NYC as the fuel that NYC burns runs dry.

Seth W. said at September 25, 2014 4:38 PM:

I think by "premium lifestyle" Nysschen means "business" really. New York City is ok for business and money making, but not for staying there too long. Apart from that, New York City is far from being the "premium lifestyle" specially for the haves, as anybody who's lived there for some time knows.

NYC, just like London, is way overrated for living in, just like Waikiki, Ibiza, Bariloche and La Côte d'Azur are way overrated for vacation; and Nysschen knows it. NYC is crowded, dirty, polluted, stinky and too noisy. It's not as dangerous as Detroit, but I really don't see NY as the premiuum life for either the haves or thre have-nots, except for those who believe NYC is what you see in films.

One thing is business and a very different one a premium lifestyle.

Reggin said at September 25, 2014 6:09 PM:

Anywhere but Detroit...

Contemplationist said at September 26, 2014 9:15 AM:

Problem with Silicon Valley is that vertical growth is simply not allowed by the town councils. Or else Google and Apple are ready to build thousands of dwellings for their workers. We should have seen Silicon Valley become a vertical metropolis if the laws were like in the 19th century.

Lot said at September 28, 2014 5:37 PM:

It is pretty common for a company CEO and a few support staff to establish a HQ in NYC while leaving most other HQ functions somewhere cheap.

It is not enough for parasitic overpaid CEOs to make more than 10,000 of their workers put together, they need to do it somewhere fun and glamorous.

Plus, in Detroit, you can afford a 20,000 square foot house in an exclusive suburb like Grosse Point or Bloomfield Hills on a $300,000 a year income. There's no real way in Detroit to show you make $30 million a year, not $300,000, but it is easy in NYC.

It isn't just New York though. There are a variety of companies where the CEO says, screw it, I want to live and work from my estate in Aspen or Newport Beach, not in boring old Marrieta Georgia or Akron Ohio and he gets his way, with a few dozen support employers also forced to move there.

Boards of Directors don't act as checks on CEOs like they used to since they get paid $100,000+ for 2 or 3 days of work a year, and a compliant board member can join other boards of directors.

LA would make a lot more sense for the HQ of Cadillac since it is a much larger luxury car market than NYC, possibly the largest in the world.

James Bowery said at September 30, 2014 10:22 PM:

Coincidentally, I was talking to a guy tonight about Craig Nevill-Manning regarding a position involving natural language intelligence because I thought that given Kurzweil's rise to prominence in Google's AI strategy, Craig might be looking to return to his first love -- which I became aware of while doing compression work during the 90s and ran across him while he was still a Kiwi. Problem was, the last time I talked to Craig was in 2006 regarding the Hutter Prize for Lossless Compression of Human Knowledge, and I hadn't kept up with what was going on with him.

Well, it turns out that he's now the toast of NYC if you listen to this HuffPo audio.

I'm sure he'll never recover now.

How the mighty have fallen.

Tom said at October 1, 2014 12:47 PM:

James Bowery,

Can you elaborate? What is wrong with Kurzweil and his ideas? And why is Nevill-Manning's work in NYC bad from your point of view?

James Bowery said at October 1, 2014 2:03 PM:

There are people whose ideas are truly original. There are people who can recognize ideas that are truly original -- sometimes more effectively than their originators. There are people who can convince themselves and others that their non-original ideas are actually the truly revolutionary ideas of others, once those ideas become mainstream. There are still others that are pretty good at raising capital to take original ideas that are lying around, not being commercialized and/or properly promoted, and succeed in commercializing and/or properly promoting them.

Craig Nevill-Manning is of the first category. I'm of the second category. Kurzweil is of the third and fouth categories -- which categories are synergistic. The third and fourth categories are niches occupied by Jews far more frequently than their smart fraction would allow due, primarily, to ethnic nepotism -- and Kurzweil definitely qualifies as an example. Einstein was a Jew with truly original ideas that also had the advantage of ethnic nepotism in his public relations. Feynman was a Jew of lesser intellect with similar PR.

These are all assertions presented without justification, but they are my perceptions. I could go down the list of Kurzweil's inventions and describe how they fail the originality test and demonstrate his gift for grabbing credit and capital.

His "predictions" are little better than most amateur "futurists" -- his status as a transhumanist prophet being largely due to Jewish ethnic nepotistic PR and general capability to start religions from JudeoChristianity based on "the word" to Holocaustianity based on the motion picture.

As for NYC, I'm happy for Craig's recognition but it is a little too reminiscent of what happened to Henry George. Remember, guys like Newton didn't do their truly original work in the centers of social status. Indeed, it took a plague to drive Newton away from social status out to his family farm. Maybe Ebola will do the same for Craig.

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