2014 July 19 Saturday
Qatar Labor Market: A Dream For Our Upper Classes?

America's elites must salivate:

Indra and his friends are among the 1.3 million migrant workers in Qatar, mostly from South and Southeast Asia, who make up 94 percent of the country's workforce and are often forced to work in dangerous and dismal conditions, without the ability to quit or change their jobs.

But our elites can hope. The teens flooding into the United States from Central America move America closer to a labor market where employers have a much stronger hand.

But of course this isn’t about “60,000 children,” it is a symbolic test of national will. If America fails it, then the message goes forth that the door is open in for anybody from anywhere in the world to head to Mexico, where trafficking routes into the U.S. are ready and willing to smuggle you into the welcoming hands of the United States federal government.

We'd get well over one hundred million if we totally opened borders. In successive years chain migration with future generations would bring in many more. The US will have to fall quite a long way before becoming unappealing to Nigerians or Liberians. As shown in the first link Lots of Nepalese and others go into debt for $1000 and more to go to Qatar to make $150 to $300 per month. Once in Qatar they aren't allowed to change employers and some die from heat because the employers are so bad about giving them water and other basics.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2014 July 19 12:26 PM 

John Cunningham said at July 20, 2014 11:39 AM:

Steve Sailer recently pointed out that there are worldwide 5.7 billion people living in countries poorer than Mexico, and I wonder what truly open borders would produce. could 100 or 150 million people come in during a single year? I wonder what the shipping companies of Hong Kong would do if there was no legal hindrance to entry to the US.

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