2014 July 03 Thursday
US Upping Special Forces Role In Somalia Too

There has got to be a shortage of SEALs and Delta Force guys. Lots of them are going to Iraq. Some are in Afghanistan. US Special forces have been operating secretly (you mean we did not know? just kidding) in Somalia since 2007 and more are coming in. Gotta battle an Islamic insurgency of course.

If I was asked to guess I would have guessed the United States had special forces in Somalia before 2007. My impression is that US special forces are in multiple African countries. Corrupt and inept governments, revolutions, Jihadists, extreme poverty, Malthusian Trap everywhere you look. Sounds like US special forces territory to me.

If only the United States could export manufactured products as well as it exports special forces to battle jihadists. Heavy sigh. It is sad to live in a declining empire with an expanding lower class with much greater inequality in store for the future.

What I wonder: Can China make some African countries less chaotic? Or will their investments just lift the Malthusian carrying capacity of Africa so that populations explode further and they end up just as bad as before Chinese investments?

We are entering the era of competing models. US military combined with US universalism, much larger lower class, US liberal manifest destiny and open borders versus larger and eventually wealthier country that is not liberal, has a much larger professional technical class, and that just wants to conduct business and get resources. How is that going to turn out?

The United Nations has started using UAVs (drones) to track threats to UN peacekeepers (ha ha) in Africa too. But can the UN become a serious competitor in big power politics? My money is on rising China followed by declining US as global players with China getting the better economic deal out of their interventions.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2014 July 03 09:01 AM 

Jim said at July 3, 2014 1:56 PM:

Europeans were not able to generally displace blacks in Africa because of tropical diseases and the greater resistance of blacks to these diseases. It's an interesting question as to whether the Chinese will attempt to settle parts of Africa or just content themselves with extracting natural resources for the Chinese economy.

Glengarry said at July 3, 2014 4:01 PM:

Given the fates of Rhodesia and South Africa, it looks likely the Chinese will be just a temporary influence. (Maybe on the level of the Indian trader population once the best parts have been cleaned out.)

And speaking of the Chinese, one can only wonder what would have happened if unreformed South Africa had held on ten more years (until 2004) and then quietly befriended China.

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